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Both In Pantyhose

I love wearing pantyhose. I wear them under my sweatpants in public and I feel so sexy. I also like driving in just pantyhose. I will stop at closed gas stations and fill up my car in just pantyhose. I love wearing them while giving me wife oral sex and she also loves to suck me through my pantyhose, if you have never had a pantyhose ******* you should suggest it to your wife or girlfriend because its awesome. I love pantyhose and half the rush is getting so close to getting caught, but not actually getting caught. Check out our profile for more about us.
pantiescouple pantiescouple 26-30 1 Response Jun 30, 2010

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Pantyhose sex between couples is so incredibly hot. And in my opinion, almost nothing feels better than being licked and sucked through pantyhose. A pantyhosed blow job (i.e. being sucked thru pantyhose) is something every guy should experience at least once in their life. If they did, I'd bet half the men in the world would start wearing pantyhose regularly.