Sex Fun With Pantyhose/tights


Most of the pictures depicting 'pantyhose sex' show the pantyhose torn or the crotchless type. I enjoy something which is seldom seen on film - sex fun where the female keeps the pantyhose (& panties) on. The sensation of coming between the woman's nylon-clad legs is (to me) as good as vaginal sex any day. My partner can be brought to ****** from breast stimulation, so there is pleasure in it for her also. I have loved this for many years, but am now wondering if anyone else at all practices it? I get extremely turned on by pictures of females in bra, pantyhose & panties - just ready to be stroked and caressed. It may be the feel of the nylon that is such a turn-on, I really don't know! There are a few vids of  'pantyhose jobs' around now; I look forward to many more appearing.

Does any one else get a kick out of sex with pantyhose-clad women?


burstin2go burstin2go 51-55, M 6 Responses Jul 10, 2009

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Can be fun at least sounds so..

I do. My late wife would indulge me from time to time.

I have heard of this...It is intriguing...Tell me more. Thank you for this interesting posting...


Will send you a PM

b2g x x

Glad to know I'am not alone. While all pantyhose sex is prefered ( I like to wear too) it regrettably fails to satisfy the Mrs. I honestly think she gets jealous ,because I like it so much. Perhaps I wore it out. All things in moderation. Damn.

woodstiff - make it so, as Capt Picard says. I actually found that I liked this 'nylon sex' by accident.

In the days when I lived with my wife, we would do heavy petting during her period, with me usually coming over her ****. Over time, I found that the tights and panties turned me on so much that I started to come between her legs instead. It got to the point that I was disappointed when her period ended, as it meant 'normal' sex again which to me wasnt as satisfying!

Hey, burstin2go, you have just described my ultimate fantasy. Nylon and pantyhose with big **** and a wet *****.