Pantyhose Sex.

This happened in college.  Of course it was halloween.  Was a mascarade dance.  I went with my cousin who was also going to the same college as I was. She thought we should go as school girls.  You know the ones who wear the school uniforms.  So we went to a halloween costume shop and picked up our outfits.  The halloween shop was cool as it had everything you would ever need and want.  So we got my wig and make up there along with some mary janes that were black and 4in high.  They also had some pantyhose there so we picked some up.  I didn't have stash of clothes as they were at home.  And I didn't want my room mate to find out.  Since I was single I thought it would be fun.  Who knows might meet another hose lover at the party.  Since my girlfriend and I decided to break up.  Because she was going to be going to school across the country from where we lived.  We both knew it wasn't going to work.  It hurt because she was a girl that understood me.  But was the way it was.  So that was why I was single going to the halloween party.  Well my cousin and I got dressed at her dorm.  It was an all girls dorm but, where her room was no one was really going to care as she was at the end of the hall.  Her room mate was already gone as she went to a different halloween party.  So I took a shower at my dorm and shaved and everything and then met my cousin at her dorm.  We both got ready putting our pantyhose on which we both decided to wear black pantyhose control top.  White bras, mine stuffed of course with fake ****.  My cousin thought that would be funny and crazy encase some guy wanted to feel my boobs.  They were actually nice not that big or to small just right.  We put our white blouses on and our red,black,white plaid mini school girl skirts.  And black school girl jackets.  The thing I was suprised about at the shop.  Was that they actually had my size and bigger in alot of the female costumes.  Maybe big gurls or guys were buying them.  Which was nice.  Not to say I was big 5 9 150 lbs athletic build as I was also wrestling in college so alot of weight cutting.  Just not tonight.  Then last but not least our maryjanes.  Then the wig and make up.  We were ready to go.  My cousin had us stand in front of the mirror together.  She told me I looked pretty damn good.  I smiled and said you to.  Then we both headed for the dance.  We got to the dance and there were people everywhere.  All types of costumes.  There were some guys dressed as women but they were obvious and not really trying.  And some females dressed as men.  It was just really kewl and just what I needed.  We dance with eachother and with others threw out the night.  I had a few guys who danced with me feeling my legs but nothing more.  Even a few girls who were dressed as men would feel my legs.  Was real nice.  And oh yes it got me so hard.  After the dance was done.  I was tired and I told my cousin I was just going to walk back to my dorm.  She said ok I will keep your clothes at my room.  Oh yeah more thing at the dance no one knew it was me.  No one could figure out who I was.  They figured I was a guy but not at first.  Which was cool.  But after a while they started to figure it out.  I think when they heard me talk.  So that made my night.  Well after a bit of a walk since my dorm was across campus.  I finally got to my room.  I was so happy to be laying down.  Just about as happy as wearing my pantyhose and female school girl outfit.  As I opened the door and went into my dorm room my roomate was sleeping.  I tried to be quiet.  But he heard my heels on the floor.  He looked up at me in kind of a dazed kind of look.  I wasn't to worried as alot of people seen me dressed but no one knew who I was though.  He asked why are you dressed like that.  I said why does it turn you on.  Just being a smart ***.  As I have been up all night.  He said actually you look pretty hot dressed like that.  I looked at him and said really.  I sat on the bed where he was laying and crossed my legs.  It was so quiet in the room you could her she swishing sound of my nyloned legs as they rubbed together when I crossed them.  He sat up and he looked at me.  I reached over and took his hand and placed it on my pantyhose covered legs.  I could tell that it excited him.  He started to caress my legs for a bit.  The I leaned forward and we started to kiss.  It took him by suprise but, I could tell that he enjoyed it.  As we were kissing and him rubbing my legs I was starting to get hard and so horny.  I laid down next to him and was gliding my finger tips up and down his chest and then down to his ****.  Which was very hard I slid my hand in his underware and started to stroke him.  He was moaning and rubing my legs which was making me hornier.  I then started to kiss my way down his chest to wear I was stroking him.  As I got there and started to give him head I could taste his pre ***.  After a bit of me giving him head he sat up and wanted me to stand up.  As I did he bent me over the bed and lifted up my skirt and pulled my hose down.  I couldn't believe that this was going to happen as he didn't seem like the type to be into cd's.  He then slid his **** into me and started to due me.  He felt so good going in and out of me.  I would catch him rubbing the sides of my legs.  Gliding his hands down the sides of my pantyhose which felt so good.  I then felt him grab on to my hips and felt him tighten up.  And then his moaning.  He felt so good ******* inside of me.  I tightend my *** up as he was ******* to make him *** a little more as he was pulling out.  He sat back on the bed looking pretty worn out.  I went to my side of the room and grabbed a towel and wiped where my *** was as I could feel his *** comming out a bit.  After I wiped up.  I pulled up my pantyhose took my heels off and skirt, blouse, jacket, and my bra and fake boobs.  Put on a football jersery I had on which went down to my upper thighs and climbed into bed.  Also taking my wig off but leaving my make up on.  I was feeling still so horny that I started to rub myself threw my hose and instantly getting pre ***.  Then I heard my room mate climb into bed with me.  He said I looked sexy wearing hose and football jersery.  I said thank you.  He asked if he could do me agian.  I said sure.  He put a rubber on this time and started to **** me from be hind.  This time he made a hole in my pantyhose.  As he was ******* me he was rubbing my **** that was encased in my pantyhose which felt so good.  Then before you know it we both came.  Which was pretty fast for the both of us.  He then pulled out and took his condom off and I grabbed the same towel and wiped up around the front area.  After which we both fell asleep together in my bed with his hands rubbing my pantyhose legs.

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That was so hott i remeber i dressed as a stewardess sexy black pantyhose and black heels with a sexy black skirt and blouse with a red wavy wig i looked hot i got used by 2 men that night..ripped a hole in my pantyhose i think we went at it 4 or 5 time dont remember but it was fun i love to crossdress..

Caught my interest.

i love wearing my corset.nylons heels and just feeling sexy..its so hot i wanna get to know other crossdressers and tvs in my ares for some goodtimes..we are a couple looking for that special person..

i would love to have been in his position, or indeed in your position ;) wish i was there to join in the fun! where do you live? maybe we could meet and recreate that scene :)

Am sorry you feel that way sara. I do love phose sex with women as well but that night it was my room mate who ended up filling that void.

you just decided that you would trade in all the amazing sex and life and love with a beautiful woman (in her tights of course!!) for butt sex with men. then tell about it and cause many women (as myself )to throw up in our mouth and have to remind you of the experience.

Oooohhhhh thats very hot. You are a lucky girl hon. I get to dress when I can but not as much as I would like right now. And would love it even more if it was for another.

Not as often as I would like but, on ocassion the situation does surface. And I do take full advantage of it.

MMMMM Oh yes it is a delightful feeling. And a sexy sensual one at that.