Smelling Girls Smelly Pantyhose Feet And Smelly Socks

Ok I have loved to smell girls really smelly pantyhose feet and stinky socks and shoes. I have been trying to find ways to get another girl let me smell their feet in their socks or hose. I would even pay them but I don't want them to think I'm a weirdo. My dream is to be able to smell a hooters girls smelly sock feet and their hose feet but not sure what would happen if I went. To eat there and ask her to sell her socks and hose she was wearing or just smell her feet or give her a foot rub any one know if that would work or just to get another girl to let me smell her feet ? I used ti have a girlfriend that would let no problem. But most girls think I'm a dork for liking that but I don't think I am. So if anyone or other ladies give me some tips that would be great
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I love it! I buy used worn pantyhose.

I started to smell pantyhose and shoes when I was young. My mom was a nurse, and when she came home from work she would ask me to shine her nurses shoes for work. I started to polish them and then I would begin to smell her shoes, the aroma the came from her shoes was very intoxicating. I had to smell more. so when she would change her uniform, I would go into her room and find the white pantyhose she wore that day, and I would began to smell the feet part of the pantyhose. After that I was hook, this went on for many years, I also would begin to wear them, I think she knew but never said anything about it. I began to try them on, the most exciting part of all this, was I had them on when under my pants, when I use to do my shoe shine job. Come to think about it she knew I was wearing her dirty white pantyhose.

this is my fantasy too,hooters girls are the top and i woud anything for a pair of a waitresses socks,

Looking to trade?

Hey bro, you are not alone. I can't understand this society, 4real, it is OK for a guy to say he is in "defense of his rights" when he decides to marry another guy to have intimate contact, and that is published, seen, broadcasted, even supported. but you cannot be a straight guy with a normal life (which is my case) and say that you love a women's feet scent in nylons, which is such a turn on for me! some people even dare to call us "sick". IGNORANTS, there is a scientific explanation, (youtube the health channel and why men like women's feet smell) in my case I think nylons should be kept for women, they are so feminine, and I love it! it is such a pity that men are in denial (we are more than what I thought) and women often misunderstand it. No we are not sick, I am a very normal, educated, employed, etc. person, and everything is about balance, as long as you like the PERSON and her scented feet as opposed as only the ob<x>ject by itself, it is absolutely normal. People, pls. inform yourselves before judging why a man is turned on with a women's feet scent heavily charged with pheromones, if you know what those are. Like food, different people, different preferences, some have their preferences: from either well groomed and bare, or like me, nyloned and charged of female pheromones. That does not harm anyone!! and women, hope you can understand this as well. Your BF is not a psycho if within the parameters, he enjoys a whiff of your feet, trust me, it will pay for you as well if you let him be open about it. Thanks for the forum.


I am a girl and I think it's cute. There is a lot of people like to do it, check my friends on facebook: Natasha Cutefootsie. :-)

You have a fetish for stinks feet, socks, and hosiery. First you need to accept it and own it. It's not a huge deal, but some people won't understand and think you are weird or a dork as you say.<br />
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Once you are confident in who you are you can more easily bring up your fetish when dating. Not on the first date, but its something you will want to get out there early on.<br />
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If all you want is instant gratification, then check out Craigslist list etc... I'm sure plenty of women would be happy to be paid to hand over their smelly things.<br />
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Good luck

there is alot of women out there raising a kid alone making minimum wage that would benifit from selling their socks,i worked as a housekeeper in a hotel and bought my coworkers socks every payday,50 bucks and a new pair of white ankle socks,it was my drug and she was raising 4 kids,she moved back to mexico and i still dream of her smelly socks,probally the rest of my life