Wearing Pantyhose Make Me Feel So Cute And Feminine,

Wearing pantyhose make me feel so cute and feminine, I just have to stop what I am doing and **********.
I wish I could find a woman to share my life with who will encourage me to do this.
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My gf not only is very supportive, she even buys them for me ! I love the way they make my legs look and feel, as does she. Happy wearing my friend. Hope you find your hose mate soon !

Lucky you

My girl knows i like to wear stockings and hose, she does'nt like it much, although she painted my nails once, what a turn on that was! I usually put them on when she's not around now.

Me 2!

If I shared your life we would be in bed dressed so sexy most of the time.I love nylons and heels and garters and bra's more than anything.<br />
Louise CD

Hi Louisejohn1,
I wish you did share my life. We could wear our sexy nylons and be cute girl all day!

I would love to share your life darling.What is stopping us from doing so?

I want 2

Wearing again now,Pretty cold,so have lovely black G-string and wearing blackmail PH.I really love winter.I have become brave,been out twice this week with no socks only pantyhose under my long pants.Wanted to go today again,really looking for nice pair of Heels.Now that wife allows me to shave my private area,i'll try to start on other things too.But must not rush anything.

I think all men should wear pantyhose,about to have a shower and put a pair on now,just love them.

do you wear them in the shower too? I do that sometimes. Very fun!

I shower in hose occasionally too...it is quite fun!

I wish my wife knew how many times I wore her things

Mydear girl, for that we can help each other and it does not matter ifpeople see U in pantyhose or not when U are happy with another CDgurl. Lets try...

Yes, maybe even a man in pantyhose will help you. Love<br />
<br />

You are so right. A man prefferably a very pretty CD "gurl" could help me and encourage me to buy and wear nylons. First of course we would paint our toe nail pretty pink. I would love to have my partner apply lipstick on my lip, as I would do the same for him/her. Then we would help each other with our strappy sandals and go for a walk in the park. This way so many people coudl see my legs in pantyhose!!!