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I am in my early 40's (exact date is a secret).  I'm a bit out of synch with most women who go bare-legged all the time. I wear pantyhose under slacks or jeans always unless its too warm or I'm involved in something athletic or the like.  I like the feel and I like the look and have discovered that most men do as well.  I prefer all-sheer, tan, nude, off-black or taupe, depending on the outfit.  I also have worn all-sheer pantyhose under short shorts because I like the look.  I had always worn pantyhose.  When I was 13 my mother got me my first pair along with a panty girdle. I had to wear a girdle over the pantyhose especially on dates.   I think my mother thought it was some sort of protection against boys.  She wanted me to wear nylon brief panties so I had to keep my bikinis hidden at first.  In fact she used to check before I went out to make sure I had on a panty girdle.
On my 25th birthday one of my girlfriends gave me some very lovely lingerie...a lace push up bra, a thong and bikini panties and a garter belt.  I put it away and forgot about it for a few months then one day came across the set in a drawer where I had left it.  I decided to wear the outfit out on a date including the garter belt.  I'd never worn one before, only pantyhose occasionaly with a panty-girdle.  It was a new sensation and not at all unpleasant.  In fact I found myself feeling very sexy.  Up till then I always worn very nice lingerie but not really sexy stuff.  This wasn't slutty sexy but high-class sexy.  My boyfriend loved it. He told me that most guys really like girls in erotic lingerie and that garter belts are a major hit.
I started wearing them regularly to work, to church, out on dates and pretty much anytime I wore a dress or skirt.  I still wear pantyhose from time to time depending on the outfit, like slit skirts.  But I really like wearing garter belts and stockings. I even wear seamed stockingsquite a lot.  I have several garter belts that are part of matching outfits.  One of my girl friends teases me because she says I am more into underwear than outer wear.  Fact is I like the feel and the look. I usually wear either thongs or bikini panties over the garter belts...or under pantyhose.  Sometimes I wear a panty girdle with stockings or over pantyhose.
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It's lovely to hear a woman who enjoys wearing pantyhose and stockings. I do too but have to hide them under trousers or jeans. I'm desperately trying to summon the courage to wear my pantyhose under a pretty dress in the daytime for all to see

You may be out of sync with the bare legged crowd, but you have good taste. Keep it up, and enjoy your inner wear ;)