I Love to Wear Pantyhose.

I really love to wear pantyhose. I simply cannot do without em'. And I guess it's relevant, and fair in light of my fanatisicm,  that I mention I've worn pantyhose since pretty much the beginning. Lookin' back on my life as a young girl, Momma was very feminine like that and almost always in a pair of hose, it seemed. It wasn't hard at all to see she had always wanted a girl and I'm honored to this day to know I fullfilled one her lifelong dreams. She's a very classy lady. But in reference to that, I think I was kinda nurtured to be so feminine and to love pantyhose like I do. I'm an 80's Girl. And Oh My God, this was the perfect time to grow up as a girl like me. The expectation and desired dress/lady-like approach just coincided perfectly with what I was groomed for as a girl. Thanks, Momma. But to elaborate in reference to dress, my girlfriends and I were so different than these girls today. In my day, in comparison to that of my niece or someone like, it seemed that was one of the higher priorities: be as girly and ladylike as possible-not just for the guys, but for yourself as well. Back then, was kinda the late winter so to speak of a special age: we girls then were perhaps the last of the true Girly Girls. Hey peeps, I'll provide more later. Sorry I got off on a tangent. I guess I'll talk more about me in/and my pantyhose later. I am a true fan, though. You'll see.

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I love to wear silky pantyhose

Have you read any of my stories and experiences respond

I love to,dress like a girl it feels so good it makes me feel so feminine

I hearted your story I pantyhose

Look down below you will see I sent you messages respond to them please

I cant live without them neither

I loved your story

I really love wearing silky pantyhose I cant live without them either I've only been wearing them for a little over two months I,also shave my thighs,and,my legs pantyhose feel so silky when your legs are,silky,smooth after shaving them,thank you for reading responses are welcome would like to hear your point of view if u love wearing silky pantyhose I am a straight male.

I love your story

I love to wear pantyhose also. I wear leggs sheer energy control top pantyhose and they feel so good on me. I love to rub my hands on my thighs and it feels so silky and also love to rub my legs and feet together and it feels so silky when in bed I wear then 24/7- I've only been doing this for two months I'm hooked I'm a male and can't get enough of the feeling in me

I am a straight male I love wearing leggs sheer energy control top pantyhose they feel so silky on me I love to rub my hands on my thighs and feel the silkyness and my feet feel so silky I weigh 113 pounds and wear size B. I wear them-24/7 I cant get enough of the way they feel on me thank you for reading my,story

Please girls reply if you read my story

I share ur like of pantyhose, tights as we call them in the uk.
Have memories of my mum wearing tights and it fills me with excitement.
Just love wearing.xx.
Just so much feeling when I wear them.

Your story is so fimilliar,it reminds me growing up and wearing pantyhose was almost worn with everything,it was almost "UNLADYLIKE" if you werent wearing pantyhose,besides I dont see the big deal wearing them!

They feel wonderful so silky

As a male,I love wearing pantyhose very much,I love the way that they fit and feel on me,physically,mentally,and sexually,I wear them both privately as well as I discretely go out in public for drives in them,and what a feeling it is,I started wearing them very young and would get them from female relatives,I love wearing all types and styles,and my favorite shades are most anything in the shade of brown but mostly wear nude,suntan,and off black,the first pair I ever wore were regular suntan pantyhose,but the most interesting pair I ever wore were I cant think of what they were called now but looked like pantyhose leggings sewn to a pair of white panties,Ive enjoyed sharing this and love to read about other peoples experiences with pantyhose,theres alot more to come!!!!!

Its a real turn on for me to hear about guys that love to admit to and share their experiences with pantyhose

I see so i love to wear leggs sheer energy control top pantyhose they feel so good on me and i love to rub my hands on my thighs and it feels so silky and also love to rub my legs and feet together when in bed and it feels so silky too I'm hooked thank you for reading my story and experience respond please if u can relate to me

I wear silky panties and shave my legs there is nothing better than putting panties and pantyhose on after shaving your legs I use pure silk shaving cream and it leaves my legs and thighs feeling silky smooth

I love seeing women wearing pantyhose and I love wearing them too. I'm from the L'eggs generation (which were probably the first brand I ever tried on). Back then (70s and 80s) it seemed that all women wore pantyhose. Today, it's become rare, however, I do see more young women turning back to fashion hosiery, which is very nice.<br />
<br />
My favorite pantyhose are the Trasparenze Katia. They are 15 denier, sheer to waist, feel lovely and make anyone's legs look absolutely gorgeous! I even wrote a review of them on EP<br />
<a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/uw.php?e=1300600" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a><br />
<br />
Those of you who are true pantyhose fans, please consider writing a brief review of the products you enjoy!!

Ive tried all brands,kinds and types of pantyhose,I look best in shades of brown and off black although there are others,but "old reliable" for me are the Leggs Just My Size,theyve always worked best for me,I wear pantyhose all the time and find that wearing larger sizes works best for me!

I love to wear leggs sheer energy control top pantyhose they feel so silky I love it

This about me wearing silky pantyhose how I love them so much

Is this just about woman wearing pantyhose?

No I think that its about anyone,man or woman that enjoys wearing pantyhose for whaever reason that may be,and should be able to without ridicule from others!

I like wearing tights 4 .men but in 15

I also love seeing women in pantyhose,I also love wearing pantyhose,I wear them everyday and have been doing so ever since they came on the scene,when Leggs came it a white plastic egg for about 1.50,before that it was my moms and sisters stockings and garterbelts,moms favorite shade was taupe,my sis liked cinnamon.I now prefer pantyhose,they make me tingle all over,if you have never tried Cecilia deRaphael,15 dernier pantyhose,I highly suggest you do,they are so sheer and shiny,go to stockingshowcase.com,they sell the best shiny pantyhose,FF backseamed stockings,garetrbelts etc they are reasonably priced and the selection and styles of pantyhose is great.

Hey thanks for the tips,Ill keep it in mind when Im out shopping and want to try new things!

Love seeing women in pantyhose...Keep wearing

WEW! love that rearend view,I will support you in the fact that I love seeing women wearing pantyhose,and encourage them to keep wearing them and women that dont,encourage them to start!

Me too

Me also

pantyhose make me feel so sexy

Yes,me too! I love the different ways they make me feel when IM wearing them!

I love wearing silky pantyhose they are so silky I love it

Nice they make me feel so good so silky

They make me feel pretty and feminine I love it

They make me feel feminine when im wearing them and they feel so silky when I rub my feet together and when I rub my hands on my thighs

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Pantyhosegirl,<br />
<br />
I enjoyed your short story. It's unfortunate that many women today do not wear pantyhose at all. There's nothing like pantyhose on a great pair of legs! Have a great day and feel free to contact me if you would like sometime.<br />
<br />

Im with you,theres not enough women wearing pantyhose these days,I remember when it was almost daily Id see a woman wearing pantyhose,it was always part of theyre daily dress,but with all the leg waxxing and other options women just dont wear them,from what Ive noticed its mostly the older generation of women wearing mostly to church etc.!

Ilove women who wear panty hose

I could not agree with you more,its not everyday that you see it anymore and when you do its almost like when you havent seen **** in awhile,no offense to those who dont like **** tho,just using it as an example!

sounds good to me! ;-)

Great to hear of a "Lady", especially in Silky Pantyhose! The world surely needs more of you! :)

I used to wear them all the time when I was a Jehovah Witness..............trousers for women were banned and it got cold on your legs in winter when you went out door knocking.

Wether you agree with them or not,Jehovah Witness women are very proud supporters of wearing pantyhose,and have some of the best looking legs Ive ever seen wearing pantyhose,but not enough to convert tho!