Girls, If Yu Gotta Stinky-feet Fan Boyfriend, Help Him Out Just a Bit.

I'm thankful my current boyfriend isn't like the guy I'm about to mention in this aspect, but I must admit there were some props involved. I was 22 when I met Mitch and working as a Hooters Girl (no ladies, its not all what its cracked up to be. I'll elaborate in future post if you'd like) and this guy was just plain ******' hot. I walked up to his table to take his and the other three guyz orders to hear him speakin' fluent, deep octive spanish with the mexican party sitting at the table next to them. As I walked up to the table, he winked at one of the mexican guys and nodded in my direction. havin' worked there for about 4 1/2 months at the time I thought surely it was a sexually motivated reference (and again girls, despite the fact its a pretty decent place, of the 7 months I managed to survive there, not 1 week went by without some kinda bullshit incident that involved either some degrading verbal or groping. and thats the truth). Anyhoo, because i felt his intentions at the time to be ill-motivated, I looked to his friends and took all thier orders b4 his.  B4 I could ask him what he wanted, he looked directly into my eyes and spoke in spanish again. So now, despite the voice sounding nothin' but great, I'm gettin' a bit annoyed. Just then he speaks in english, "later when you bring the check I'll tell you what I said to that guy at the other table as you walked up to ours". Alright, first of all, girls can't handle this kinda ****! I mean we can and can't. It was so mysteriously hot yet the suspense was excrutiating. I directly went to a couple of my girlfriends that were in the area and asked if they'd heard him talk to me and if they understood it. ...Okay, sorry peeps. To be continued: somethin' just come up. I gotta go but will prob. loggin' 2morrow. Gnight. Okay, I'm back and I'm gonna try and sum this up a bit...I've got the tendency to be long winded. Anyhoo, I took the check to his table and he told me he told the mexican guy at the table next to them that he was a true legman and thought I was the best he'd ever seen. Needless to say, I'm moved but don't deliver that impression. I just smile and say, "thank you, thats very sweet. If you'd like I can take that up 4 u now...blah, blah, blah". He chooses to pay the check and tip me twenty-five dollars. Wow, what a sweety, huh.? Fast fowarding...I closed that night and as I'm walkin' to my car, guess who I see standing along side a new Porsche? Yep, u guessed it. He walked over to me, asked me if I wanted to have dinner, and quite naturally, I accepted. At dinner he tells me he's a lawyer that specializes in site acquisition on private land for corporate development. Okay, now I'm turned the hell on. Not only is he physically hot as hell but he's also well educated. Yummy. Okay, as I'm sure U can all reasonably assume acurrately, I start dating him. This went on for about 9 months until he cheated on me for the 3rd time with my best friend. Yeah, you know the story. Despite the crappy outcome, the early part was great. He took me to a few rilly nice places, bought me a lotta nice stuff, etc. It was just about 2 months into our relationship that he told me he loved a girls smelly feet."Oooookay, how does this effect us/me"? After explaining to him that I consider myself to be a very hygenic girl and think it's kinda gross, he finally gets me to comply with means to make my feet stink (only twice a week at most, I insisted) to better serve his moral. He claimed that one of the reasons he loved pantyhose girls so much is that thier feet tend to be smellier than those that don't wear em'. Ooookeedokee. Despite the fact I thought it pretty funky, I must say I saw (and felt) a considerable difference in his affection and love making. Kinda rilly wierd feeling when U walk through the door just after getting off work and the first thing your man wants to do is smell your feet, huh? But hey, like I mentioned, It rilly made a difference in his behavior regarding his affection and the way he grabbed me. So yeah, ladies, if your man or the man you might meet soon, says he loves a girls stinky feet, keep an open mind about it. It may very well pay off in a very special way.

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I get turned on just looking at my wife in closed toe high heels...especially black, silver and hot pink. The low cut camps are the sexiest. I can *** just looking at her in those heels...

I know it may be a bit hard for you to understand (you can read my story), but facts:<br />
- Women secrete heavy amounts of pheromones throughout their feet sweat glands.<br />
- What will differentiate a guy liking the odor vs. not liking it, within the common sense parameters, is just the proximity of the areas at a central nervous system level. If the two brain areas involving smelling sense and reproductive system are too close... women, smell + stimulation + pheromones + sharing those impulses with the other area equals to: Big time turn on! I am an absolutely normal person and have a degree, but if you still skeptic, pls. youtube: "the health channel why men like women feet smell", you'll find perfectly scientific proof /explanation to what to your eyes seems odd.<br />
- Honestly, I am a very normal person, no weird stuff, and note, I would NEVER disrespect any of your former colleagues, but thinking about "Hooters", I don't blame your ex for being Xtra special with you under certain circumstances, just think after a hard shift of going back and forth, how many pheromones have accumulated in your nylons, trust me, your ex is not abnormal and it is great that you understood it, nevertheless it kind'a contradicts yourself when you say being "thankful" of your bf not being like that. You were getting special treats, he was not harming anyone and both were happy, why then you are - thankful - your BF is not like that? I really encourage you to read the article I am recommending you. Have a good one!

I ya like a stinky feet. they uh such a delectable treat. this is a what a keep a the man so complete. For yuoz a guys who know not a what to do, try a kissy, kissy on the ones that are le pew. so next a time you a out for a meet and greet, try and induldge in some a stinky feet.

vampire909 how old were u then ??

I also luv girls/women's legs and feet. I'd luv 2 smell,tickle, and message a girl's feet! I'm also glad 2 see I'm not alone with ths. I hav foot brothers who are lik me!! lol;)

I'm one of those guys who just likes a woman's natural scent under her toes. No 3 week unwashed feet or stockings necessary, just a normal after a day in her shoes, scent. Regular showers and hygiene is pretty important but I do agree that it seems there are pheromones emanating from beneath a woman's toes. And I also agree that it does add to the lovemaking. Toes on my nose while in the throws of passion, oh yes! Required always? Of course not... BUT you won't see me pushing your feet away ladies, if you put them up and give a little toe curl around MY nose! MMMmmMMMM!

so true

Pantyhose, stockings, knee highs, etc... Are the most feminine garment that a lady could wear. I mean it makes legs and feet look sexier. The issue why do women take care of her feet if later they do not like to be pampered? My GF at the beginning was so skeptical about it, after I explained the whole situation to her she understood and she agree to make me happy with that... You know some men get wild when they see the breast, the butt or many other body parts, but you know, personally I find sexier legs and feet, that's the reason, we should not only focus on breast and butt. Then Nylons make it sexier, smooth, sheer, no flaws, sweet smell. Try to explain it as a man who feels atraction

my teacher at school let me smell her feet after class, she said she found it funny that i liked her foot aroma so much... :) best time of my life... she had amazing feet! and no-one ever found out that i smelt her feet! my friends would have killed me!

how old where u than :) ?

WOOOW interesting and yes how old were you at that time and how was the teacher??

It's good to hear about other people who share this obsession with smelling women's feet.<br />
I used to spend the vast majority of my time looking for ways to get to sniff women's stinky feet without being branded a weirdo. Believe me, it wasn't easy.<br />
Now I'm lucky enough to be with a girl who is happy to go along with my foot fetish, just as long as I reciprocate by doing things to her that she likes. You know, give and take: what's wrong with that? And it doesn't hurt anyone. As a treat for my birthday, she once agreed to see how long she could go without washing her feet, doing everything she could to make them smell really strong. She got an old pair of shoes that she never wore anymore because they always made her feet stink. She wore them every day with pantyhose, and even kept them on in bed at night. She was taking baths with her feet out of the water. Now, that is what I call true love! This went on for about three weeks, until one day she came back from work and said that people had been making passing comments about "somebody's" stinky feet: the smell had become so potent that it was coming out of her shoes.<br />
That was probably the right time to stop the experiment, but I can tell you, it was one memorable night when I finally got to play with her feet: probably the strongest smell I've ever come across, and I don't just mean foot smell, ANY smell! It was actually making me cough and it took a while before I felt brave enough to put my nose on the soles of her feet. She actually couldn't believe I was doing it: she was having to breathe through her mouth because the whole place had turned into a sort of footy gas chamber.<br />
Once I got stuck in however, I was happily sucking up her toejam and cleaning her soles with my tongue. I probably spent about an hour licking off every last bit of cheese, and I climaxed twice during that time.<br />
All in all, the best bithday present ever. And it's my birthday again in a couple of months: do you think she'll make it to four weeks this time?<br />
Happy times...

In all fairness, there are a lot of pheramones in stinky feet. MOST guys love women with stinky feet. Of course there are limits and degrees, but a women with pretty feet with a very strong scent has more power than perfume. This doesn't mean we like women who stink in general. Sounds gross, but it's not.

Thank you so much for this. My wife needs to read this.l I have been hinting and I have even smelled her feet, but either she doesn't get it or, much more likely, she thinks it's too disgusting. The difference between me and this guy is I would smell feet anywhere from fresh out of the shower to extremely reeking. IE I wouldn't ask you to take measures to make your feet smell, I'd be glad to smell anything. Two questions if you don't mind, did he smell bare or socked and how did it feel for you when he smelled? Thanks so much.