Out In Public

So that next morning I woke up.  Monday day 1 of the hose bet with my 2 sisters.  Kristen the oldest came in and gave me some tan hose.  She said here you go.  After she closed the door I was so excited and scared.  Because if I won I would get to where my sister's clothes when ever I wanted.  But couldn't mess them up if you know what I mean.  So I put the tan pantyhose on.  Put my underwear on over them then my jeans and shirt.  Put my shoes on.  Walked out and met my family who were already by the door waiting for me.  I grabbed my coat and backpack and off we went.  When we got down to the car.  My sis Kristen and Jessy looked at me.  I said what.  They whispered do you have them on.  I said yeah.  They said show us.  I pulled my pant leg up a bit and they could see my tan hose leg.  They smiled and both reminded me that I can't change out of them at all.  I said don't worry I won't.  They checked my back pack while we were on our way to school.  To make sure I didn't have any underwear or socks stashed in there.  Jessy asked are you wearing any underwear right now.  I said yeah of course.  Kristen said well let you get away with that one today.  I said ok.  Not sure what the deal was.  My mom dropped me off at school and my sisters off at there school.  I went in and was just nervous as I didn't want anyone to see my pantyhosed ankles. As I got to my locker my friends were passing me by asking each other how our weekends went.  Small talk mainly.  Then the bell rang and it was off to our first class.  I went in and sat down where I normally sit.  Making sure that my pants didn't come up all the way.  After a while I kind of forgot that I was wearing the pantyhose.  But every now and then I would remember.  Get my head on straight watch what I was doing.  Well after attending all of my classes I felt pretty good.  I thought 1 day down 4 to go.  I was picked up by my mom and went into my room and changed out of my hose and school cloths.  My sisters got back from school a little bit later.  They came to my room.  Asked how it all went.  I told them and they said well good.   Get ready for tomorrow. 

Day 2.  That morning I woke up and was looking for the tan hose that my sisters left for me.  I couldn't find them I thought oh **** my mom must have found them.  I got up and jumped in the shower and got ready for school.  Jessy came in said here.  And gave me some of her shiny pantyhose which were kind of like dance tights.  I grabbed them and there were some white panties with them.  I was like ohhhh.  Thinking back to the conversation we had in the car on the way to school.  I put the panties on and the pantyhose on.  Then the jeans, shirt, shoes, coat and out the door.  My sisters said do you have the panties on I said yeah I do.  They smiled.  That day went pretty good not to bad about the same as monday.  But I was getting hard alot feeling the panties and pantyhose against my ****.  Like the other day as well.  I made it threw with no snags.  I got home and changed again.  When my sisters got home they debriefed me on my hose wearing day.  They asked how I liked wearing hose under my jeans.  I said it actually feels real good.  But, I am so scared I am going to get caught that its hard to enjoy the sensation. 

Day 3.  That morning my Jessy came in with kristen and said hey we got a deal for you.  I said what is it.  Not knowing what these 2 were up to.  They then told me that we only had 4 days of school this week.  I thought ok kewl.  Right on easy 1 more day after this.  My Kristen asked if I had any jeans with holes in them I said yeah I have a few pair like that.  She said well where them with your pantyhose today.  I said no way.  They both looked at me.  Hey do you want us to tell mom now.  Jessy said you only have 2 days left and no one has noticed yet.  I said ok.  Now knowing what they were up to.  I don't think they thought I was going to get this far.  They gave me a pair of tan hose and white panties.  I put them on the hose and panties.  My holy jeans which weren't that bad.  As they had holes in the knees and one on the mid thigh area but nothing to bad.  Shirt and shoes and coat and out the door.  I was dropped off at school and went to my locker and got my books for 1st hour.  Went to the bathroom real quick to check and see if anyone could tell.  And you really couldn't unless you were really looking.  I went to first hour and no incidents.  2nd, 3rd, 4th, hour went by with no worries.  Then lunch came.  I sat down next to one of my friends who was a girl.  Her name was Cindy she was cool.  As she was laid back and she also wore hose quit a bit at school.  Not all the time but more than most.  While we were eating she dropped her fork on the floor next to my feet.  I didn't think anything of it and moved my foot so she could pick it up.  She bent down and as she grabbed her fork she noticed my tan hose ankle.  She didn't say anything to me at the time.  Just picked up her fork went up to the front of the cafeteria and got another one.  She sat back down and finished her lunch with me.  After that we parted ways.  Went to our seperate classes.  After 5th hour got out she saw me in the hallway and gave me a weird kind of look and smile  as she passed by.    I went on by smiling at her not thinking anything of it.   7th and 8th hour went by real fast.  Felling good after school got out.  I got back home and changed.  As my sisters got home the phone rang.  And yep you guessed it.  It was Cindy.  Jessy gave me the phone.  Cindy asked how I was doing and what I was doing.  She also asked if I got that math paper done.  As our math teacher who was a  hot looking teacher.  But  was also kind of a hard *** on us about homework.  I told Cindy I got it done in study hall.  She asked if she could barrow it and copy.  I said sure no problem.  She paused a bit.  Cindy then asked if I was wearing pantyhose today at school.  I was almost completly shocked.  I felt my face get all red.  I said uh I don't know.  She said what do you mean you don't know.  Were you or weren't you.  I said I think I was I am not sure.  As I didn't know what to say.  As she was my best friend.  She said ok well see you tomorrow then and hung up.  I put the phone done literally in shock.  My sisters were looking at me.  What did Cindy want.  I went into my bedroom.  They started to tease me a bit as they thought me and Cindy looked cute together.  Jessy said well...  I said she wanted to know why I was wearing pantyhose.  They had a shocked look on there face.  When did she find out.  I said I don't know but she did.  They had a hard giggle at my expense.  I didn't think it was too funny.  But, I guess I could be worse my mom could find out.  They told me well you have one more day to go.  I said no way not after Cindy found out.  They said you have just one more day and you are scot free.  They told me just tell her the truth that it was a bet between us.   I said alright as it was true.  Just leaving out that they caught me in their pantyhose and girl clothes.   But I was really nervous now.   I couldn't hardly sleep that night as I was so scared for the morning to come.

Day 4.  Final Day.  I woke up and took my shower and was thinking that maybe my sisters would have some mercy on me.  And they didn't.  They even upped the ante.  They came in with some black pantyhose.  They said here.  I was like oh I don't know.  I said do I have to wear any holy jeans.  They said no but since you mentioned it.  I was like **** I should have kept my mouth shut.  I put on some black panties they also gave me.  Then the black pantyhose.  Which felt real smooth and good.  I noticed that they were my mom's.  I grabbed my black jeans that had holes in them.  Pretty much in the same spots as my other ones I wore the day before.  Shirt, shoes, coat.  I met my sisters at the front door.  Nervous as I didn't want my mom to notice I was wearing hose.  She didn't even notice at all as she was to busy thinking about work.  I noticed that my sisters were wearing pantyhose and jeans as well.  Kristen had on a red sweater with some black pantyhose on as well.  Blue jeans and black high heels.  Jessy was wearing a white sweater,  White jeans tan pantyhose and black heels.  They told me they couldn't let me go out alone on my last day in pantyhose.  I got a bit of a laugh out of it.  Then it was off to school.  I got there and was the norm.  My first 4 hours were pretty easy as no one knew.  Then came lunch.  I saw Cindy sitting at a table towards the back.  Since I didn't see her in some of my classes I was thinking cool maybe she didn't come.  Not in a mean way but in a relief for me kind of way.  I noticed she looked at me and I thought well lets get this over with.  I sat down next to her.  She was wearing some tan pantyhose.  Tan knee legnth shorts white top and a black sweater.  White socks and black shoes.  I said hi and she said hi.  We didn't say much as there were others around us saying hi and bye.  Then when it started to clear out a bit.  She asked me again.  Quietly though.  Were you wearing pantyhose yesterday.   I told her yeah I was.  She said why I told her that my sisters bet me that I couldn't wear pantyhose for the entire week of school.  She looked at me kind of puzzled.  She said and if you complete this.  I said I get the allowance for an entire month.  Which was a total lie.  But I wouldn't mind.  She said oh.  I said what she said nothing.  She asked if she could barrow my math homework.  I gave it to her.  She said thanks.  Cindy then said are you wearing pantyhose right now.  I was kind of embarresed a bit but not that much anymore.  I said yeah.  She said let me see.  She looked down at my pants leg as I pulled them up.  She said oh your wearing some black ones.  I said yeah they are my moms.  She asked to feel them as they looked soft and smooth.  I said sure go ahead.  I was getting hard by now as I was looking at her hosed legs which looked real nice and smooth.  Feeling her hand on my ankle and lower calf could have made me ***.  But I tried to keep myself under control.  She said those are nice and soft.  I said well thanks.  We both laughed and went to our next class.  As 8th hour approached.  Cindy gave me back my math homework.  Then we both went in to math class.  As the class began.  She smiled at me as she sat next to me in the class.  She wanted ot see my hosed leg again.  I looked around quickly and showed her again.  She smiled and giggled.  I thought wow she kind of likes that I am wearing pantyhose.  Which I thought was cool and different at the same time.  As class ended we turned in our math homework and parted ways from there.  I went back home feeling pretty good.  That the one who caught me was pretty cool with it.  At least will keep it a secret anyways.  I got home and my sisters did at the same time.  I told them all that had happened with Cindy being cool with it and everything working out as it did.  Kristen said well looks like you won the dare champ.  We won't tell.  And you can wear our clothes but don't mess anything up ok.  And to put things back where you find them.  Jessy said and for starters you better put back mom's pantyhose before she gets home.  I was in total agreement.  I took them off and put them away.  Changed clothes and relaxed for a while.  After a bit my sisters came in.  They had a big suitcase.  I said where are you guys going.  Refering to the suit case.  They said oh nowhere.  This is for you.  There are some of our clothes that we don't where anymore in here and some bras, panties, pantyhose in here.  And some of our heels that we don't want.  Besides its time for mom to get us some new stuff anyways.  They giggled at that.  I opened up the suit case.  And there were some skirts, tops, a few blouses.  Heels, panties, pantyhose, bras.  A couple of night shirts.  I told them thanks in a weird kind of way.  As they were closing the door.  Jessy said oh forgot.  Kristen and I told Cindy yesterday about why you were wearing pantyhose to school.  I looked up with my face as white as a ghost or so they tell me to this day anyways.  As they closed the door I was thinking so that whole time she knew and I was thinking she didn't.  I just couldn't believe it.  I felt like a bit of a *** as I thought I was telling a good hose wearing lie. 

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Good story! :)

Lovely story,are you still seeing Cindy,or have you gone your separate ways<br />

Thank you for your comments n I do appreciate them

When did you first started wearing pantyhose. I wonder how do you .. I mean i mean how do you use umm public urinals. Didn't mean to offend..

I am a boy that luvs to dress as a girl.

Are you a girl or a boy?

Later on Cindy and I wore hose without underwear. Which was nice and very erotic as it was both our ideas. When we would pass each other in the hallway at school. Was erotic as we both new we were wearing pantyhose without any underwear on.

A very interesting story. Did you ever wear the pantihose without underwear? Did you enjoy it? Did you and Cindy ever agree to wear pantihose without underwear on a specific day? Did you ever dare your sisters to wear pantihose without underwear on the same day that you wear pantihose , in other words, the three of you in pantihose without underwear?