Paranoia!!! Go Away

Ever since I was 14 years old I have been this way being paranoid. At that age I wasnt like now but I would have to walk into rooms and light be turned on. Im now 19 years old and everything has gotten worse. I dont eescape my room unless anyone is home. Almost like my room is my safe zone no one can hurt me in here. My door is locked the lights are on and no door in my room is closed except the main door. When I enter a room I fling open the door to make sure no one is behined it and I walk in there stealth. The bathroom I have clear shower curtains so I can see if anybody is there. I dont walk into dark areas of my house by myself because im affraid that someone will hurt me. I always look behind me to make sure no one is there. Its to the point I hear random noises outside of my room and I am affraid to even check. I feel like a prisoner of my own life. Im scared of whats out there to get me. Almost as if my house and other homes are like monsters under my bed. My dad always hit me and scolded me because he said I was to paranoid. Id ask him to check my room sometimes. I dont know what it is. It saddens because its like I cant control or shake the feeling of being hurt. I havent been clinically diagnosed yet. I do plan on seeing a dr. But is it worth it. I just know im suffering from paranoia. I hope no one thinks im crazy.
hkloving hkloving
Jan 8, 2013