A lot of weird things have been happening ever since my boy friend gave me his cross necklace that has been blessed by his grandmother who's a healer. He gave me the necklace because I was heading to the sheriffs academy in San Diego for a week, and he wanted me to have it since I wasn't going to see him for a few days. He gave me the necklace on a Thursday while we were at a meeting for the sheriffs department, he's a corporal soon to be sergeant. Its a voluntary program where young teens like myself are called explorers.
When I went home I slept in the guest bedroom because my room didn't have air conditioning. I awoke to the sounds of scratching to my left. I convinced myself that it was just the neighborhood cats scratching along the walls or even mice. The only problem was... The sounds were inside the room. I felt like someone was watching me. The scratching continued for a minute then stopped for a few seconds, then gave one more scratch for good measure. I wasn't afraid, just curious and uncertain what to do. I grabbed my pillow and blankets thinking "**** this ****.." And ran to my mothers room which was across from me. I snuggled close to her(she took up the whole space) I was practically at the edge of the bed. Then, right when I was about to sleep I felt someone clawing the bed sheets where my foot was at. I just calmly wrapped my feet tightly into the blankets and pretended nothing was happening, till again, the scratching noises began at the edge of the bed. I ignored it and fell asleep.
As morning approached my mom got up to get ready for work and I told her what happened.
BelLovesYou BelLovesYou
18-21, F
Aug 23, 2014