The First Time

I was sleeping alone in my daughter room when i was snatched out of my bed. I was terrified. Next thing you know i was on an old ship. The sea was pitch black, the waves were coming over the side. All around me were people all laughing, smiling and reasuring me that everything was ok.i could see there faces but my face was blacked out. We arrived at this terminal with moving sidewalks like they have in airports. One was going one way and and one was going another. I saw my grandparents go by me and grampa tiped his hat to me. When i got to the end of this moving sidewalk i felt complete and utter joy,a feeling of such complete happiness and fullness. I never wanted to leave. It was then a heavenly male voice said to me"it is not your time you must go back, you have a very important purpose"and just like i was thrown back into my bed. I would never classify this as a dream it was more like an experience little did i know that that waps only the beginning with the spirit world tbc
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2 Responses Jan 11, 2013

Sounds like dream symbolism of NDE. I once dreamed I was lost on the ocean in the fog. The boat was a sunfish sailboat (2 people max). I was rescued by a dragon. It makes more sense now.

wow, when did this happen?