Mammouth Cave

Mammoth Cave

Cave City Kentucky

Brief History:

The caves were once mining caves, but over the years it had became a State Park. During that time many deaths have occurred in the caves that have led to many ghost stories and ghost sightings. There are several stories associated with the caves that I grew up with and here are just a few. The slave guide Stephen Bishop, helped many slaves escape through this massive cave, hiding in the caverns, until the coast was clear. Bishop loved the cave so much, he didn't want to leave it, even after he had been freed, and he disappeared into the dark recesses...
Melissa took her Yankee lover in, and then ditched him as a practical joke. The Yankee lover was never found, and Melissa still searches Echo River. Floyd Collins was lost for 16 days before he died in abject terror. After he was buried, they dug up his remains, and displayed them in glass coffin, at the entrance, where they charged admission. This scam was very profitable, until someone stole Floyd's body, it was finally returned, missing the entire left leg. Inside the cave is an overweight ghost wearing an old- fashioned cumber bund. Disembodied legs have been seen running down the hill, wearing overalls and work shoes...



From Hopkinsville Kentucky take Hwy 68W (Or Russellville Rd) to Bowling Green and follow the signs to Cave City or Mammoth Cave. Check the web site for open and closed dates.

Our Investigation:

Honestly, it was not much of an investigation. We were there filming for a kids show. When we were called to go to Mammoth Cave with Apartment 11 productions out of Canada we were excited. We thought, "Oh cool a kids show, about 15 minutes of filming and we can be on our way". Let me tell you all, The Western Kentucky Ghost Hunters Society has acquired a new respect for ALL actors in general. I honestly use to think, "How hard can it be to spout off a few line and move on"? Its not that easy, it is FAR from that easy. And I will forever respect the actors and actresses who make the movies and TV shows I have taken for granted all these years. KUDOS to you ALL!!! 


The day we entered the cave for the shooting of the Mystery Hunters Series (showing on Discovery Kids and Discovery International) it was extremely cold and flurries out side. We met with the crew and met Christina our hostess. During the whole shoot there were a few places that Jayson felt any possibility of activity. One was a large crevice and another was the mining Pits. We have gotten several photos of orbs and in the crevice area was a mass of some sort. Although the State Forest Rangers were not happy with having to accommodating a film crew and ghost hunters one advised us they have never done this before and will not again. So I am assuming a return to the cave for an in-depth investigation will never happen. But if you have the chance visit the caves, they are beautiful and the historical value is worth the trip.

  Is Mammoth Cave Haunted?

Simply Yes. Why do we say yes? Because of the many people we know who work for the state and have seen ghost there. I trust these people although I would still prefer to see them on my own.










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hello enjoyed your stories very much would like to go see these caves myself love to see the ghost to thanks again for the stories Bill Grissom LAGS/Las Animas Ghost Stalkers