Carter House

Carter House

Franklin Tennessee



Under Hood's command, The Army of Tennessee moved up through Georgia, Alabama, crossed the Tennessee River, and then entered Tennessee.  November 30, 1864 had been a beautiful Indian summer day.  At dawn, the Confederacy marched north from Spring Hill, Tennessee in pursuit of fleeing Federal forces.  General Hood was determined to destroy the Union Army before it reached Nashville.

  The Battle of Franklin has been called "the bloodiest hours of the American Civil War."

  Directions to Carter House: Franklin is on the outside of Nashville; when you enter Franklin just follow the sign to Carter house. 1140 Columbia Ave. Franklin Tennessee 1-615-791-1861

  Our Investigation: We met with the Dead Census as part of a Halloween Hunting expedition. The caretaker was going to let us go through the house and grounds but sorry to say too many people from the Census showed up and he could let us through the house. We had run of the battlefield where one of the bloodiest Battles in Tennessee took place. There were 57 dead bodies alone on the back porch of the Carter House. We walked the ground's video taping and photographing. Also we had our recorder going. It seemed a serene place. We walked up on the porch ad took pictures in some of the windows and basement where the caretaker said he had seen a wardrobe open by it self just seconds before. Also there is a small cabin in the back that I assume was either a slaves quarters or soldiers. I took a photograph inside the window and something sounded as if it was thrown against the door. *Shrug* who knows. Either a spirit did not like the flash, or I blinded a bat. The area was rather electric but oddly I felt no sadness there. Maybe a feeling of “relief” if that makes sense.

Troy said the whole time he felt as if he was being followed. Vic, on the other hand, said he did not feel anything out of the ordinary there. When I was on the back porch where all the bodies had laid I felt a great sadness of the life lost. Such a tragedy that so many lost their lives for a stupid reason.

Do we believe Carter House is haunted? How could it not be with such tragic deaths and so many in one spot? Although we did not witness any spectacular events of paranormal activity we do believe the spirits of those lost will always be there.



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Aug 9, 2008