My First Paranormal Experience

I had my first Paranormal expereince at the age of 15. It was January had had just snowed the day before. I went to bes about 9:00 pm and about 3:30 am I was awaken by my borther John which was strnge but not out of the ordanary. As I slowly came awake "I heard him say there has been an accident but everything will be ok." then he was gone, he didn't leave the room just gone. I figuredit was a bad dream so I laied back down to go to sleep when the phone rang. It was his wife asking for my mother, I learned at the end of the phone call that he had been killed in a snowmobile accident. I wondered how that could be when I just saw him a few minues before. Later when my 2 borthers and I were talking I found we all had seen hiom at the same time. he came form beyond to prepare us.
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2 Responses Jul 15, 2010

fantastic story,ive herd of this before

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