has any one experienced seeing things happen with there eyes ? not mind,or clairvoyance,
very strange thing happend few months ago, my wife and daughter went to our local shops in our car,there 5 to 10 mins away,anyhow i was sat watching a programe on the tele,and my wife set off i had no worrys of where they was going or any thing so settled in to the sofa and started enjoying what i was looking at,...time went bye, and i had the calling of the icecream tub in my ear and the picture of icecream with bits of galaxey chocolate on top! hmmmmm thats what im going to have i thought! just as i got up to get it, i saw my car pull up on the drive sort of out of the corner of my eye the blinds were slightly a jar as to see my drive! i thought as soon as my daughter comes in she will be wanting some,yes just like her dad l.ol.any how as i went back into my living room i was suprised too see no wife daughter or car? hmm they forgot somthing i asumed,even though id not herd the door go! i sat down agian,and gave it no more thought,... a short while later they arrived,what happend i asked? what did you come back for earlyer? we didnt!and they laughed ,why? itold them .
after 2 more trys,i belived them , i was puzzeld then how  come i saw the car? ive no clue as to why this happend but i certanly saw it and herd it,ive no ideas on this!has anyone had this happen? and whats it about?
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...Darlin, its your MINDS EYE! I do not see spirits with my eyes, I see them with my minds eye, Your mind tells your body what is going on, when your special sense in alerted in your mind, it tells your eyes what to see. Its quite amazing and both of you are very in tune it seems with your senses! Each gift has its own special sense, and your minds eye is amazing! When you smash your finger, its not your finger that says ouch! Its your mind telling you that your finger hurts. You are mastering your minds eye. You seem to have had some sort of preminition!

Yes I did see things happen with my eyes. I have no clue what that's about..seeing and hearing the car before it actually gets there.... A couple of co-workers I had told me about how they had a bible handy and started paging through it together and then came across sc<x>ripture that they had already read a few pages back...they checked over the pages they read through and couldn't find the verse that they had read earlier. I forgot what the verse was but they thought it was that they were meant to see that verse.