Hauntings Were I Go! Seems Like B.s.? It's Not

Ok I am 35 , I live with my lady and my nine year old daughter, also have a baby girl on the way.anyhow when my daughter was say two years old she said mommy there is a little boy in my room, she told my daughter to tell him to leave. A few months later we get a condolence card addressed to the people who use to live here,it had child drawing on it and what have you.i smoke cigarette's no drugs, anyhow my woman doesn't like me smoking she is asmatic, so whenever I smoke I wash my face hands and brush my teeth,I also get up around threeish every morning go outside and smoke,one nite I got up to go smoke and I felt my lady pulling my arm, and I was like IL BE RITE BACK! Anyway as I left the room I was thinking I'm gone hear it when I come back, as I was walking down the stairs I notice the tv is on ,and low and behold my lady is watching it.. Who was pulling my arm? Scarred the crap out of me.also one nite my daughter is pushing me trying to get into bed, and I told her its ok you can sleep with mommy and I'll sleep on the couch, I pulled the covers back put the blanket over her it was very dark mind you.so I leave the room and as walking past my daughters room it dawns on me, that she was at my mothers house that nite, my little girl was not even there, because we bolth had to get up at 5 am to go to work.again scarred the crap out of me, I have stories true stories about my fathers house aswell.when I was younger I got a satanic pentagram tattooed on my arm I am not religious ,I got the tattoo to freak people out, I was a kid.do you think it my be a cause of what is happening ?
Opivy76 Opivy76
Sep 16, 2012