Is It A Age Thing?

i think  most people put things down and for get them?or lose things? well im pushing that 50 mark nearly maybe its that! l.o.l....ive had paranormal experiences in the past and present but i no im not losing my memory! yet,... any how i have a cross around my neck that i cherish and i only take it off when i shave my stuble,

! wednesday i got home from my night shift and washed, then i noticed that it wasnt there, mmm must have left it in the bed room so i looked , no not in the normall place,...... so to bed and sleep i went!,

later on i got up and asked the wife had she seen it or moved it? no!    so we looked for it couldnt find it!   some ones got a gold chain and cross now! we both said  ! thinking it must have come undone and fell to the floor out side,   well thats that  i said,  so i had my dinner come t" and went on here e.t.c 

after a while i decided that i would go up stairs and chill a bit before getting ready for the next shift, ive read  stories when people have things go missing that some times they turn up where they have already looked ! and some times years after they may turn up!  this was going through my mind and one or two more questions that i was asking  my self or the spirit world!..... no im  no wiser!  for asking i thought !      so i got up  picked my jeans up there on the floor was my chain ! now for a start it wasnt there before and it must have been missing 3 days, as i would be looking like a were wolf much longer than that, and the clasps not broke still connected in a circle the chain cant come over my big head as its only a small chain my wife and my self both have looked high and low! i take my jeans of at work so i dont think its been hanging in my clothes and like i say its still connected ......! but may be i did get a unforseen answer?  i will leave that to you to decide,  but me and the wife no something funny happend!

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By the way, the cross will not actually help is your belief that it will that makes it work, not the item itself.

I can easily believe this story as I have experienced teleports as well (that is what this was)...but a cold shiver? I had better not tell any of mine then or Welshbabe will be hiding under the bed. <br />
<br />
(Dont go there. Thats where monsters live!) ;-)

my wifes.had very similar things happen,glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you so much for sharing to! :-) Reading this, i had a bit of a cold shivvveerrrrrr!!!!! lol :-)