The Bang!

15yrs or so my wife and i had our first semi detached house, 3bed rooms but one off them you couldnt say you would get a bed in it as it was that small, so thats where all my stuff went

no kids at that time, books,  winemaking, you no the junk room? some people have em!

 in this bedroom i had a book shelf with all my garden books, paranormal books,ghost books, d.i.y ,my drawing book e.t.c and also some water colored paints that id got but never used! ..i remember when i lived at home at my parents,  a great uncle visiting us,  id never seen him before!  and on his visit he admired my drawings of birds and cartoons  e.t.c  and he told my dad  that i should go to art collage,    i was taken back a littel as id never thought of anything like that, it was just a pass time for me ,any how i remember seeing him one last time before he passed very nice man,my wife met him one time and his wife and rememberd him from what id told her.

i remeber going to sleep and dreaming of my uncle and seeing my drawings and the paints that id got but never put to work,i was fast asleep when a almighty bang and clatter woke me and the wife,  we both said what was that? my wife thought we had intruders! so she wanted me to get up! so my sence of humor i said you go! l.o.l..  any how up i got flash light in the hand turned the lights on looked down stairs! nothing so  i came back up looked in the other bedroom nothing! then i looked in the junk room! there on the floor was my paints all in tact, a paranormal book called the unexplained face up  and my drawings  nothing else came off the shelf just these items that were in my dream with my uncle,,     my wife saw these things on the floor, i dont no if this was a clairvoyant dream?or my uncle trying to say something?    i had loads of books on the shelf but only one saying the unexplained! its the weirdest thing they just came off the shelf!  i  always think about this one! you had to be there to experience it!

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This is exactly the same thing i have experienced throughout the years, i have written to you in a PM explaining where you will certainly receive more "feedback" on these experiences as i have,. :-) Hope to hear from you soon, my friend! :-) <br />
Thank you for sharing, hun!

this was years ago,but somthing my wife and i have never forgot! you no the funny thing ,both my daughters are artistic,ones at school,other is a trainee hair dresser,both have very artistic qualities,glad you enjoyed my stories,they are 100% true its only when you start putting things on paper e.t.c that you think theres got to be something!

I think lots of people have a spare room they use for a junk room, :-) <br />
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I'm no expert on the paranormal by all means this is just my opinion!, :-) <br />
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Oh! wow! it seems to me as if your uncle returned to you in your dream, and the only way he could get your attention was to move a few of your things in the other room, he was trying to tell you, "follow his advice" and enrol at the collage,. Very interesting story my friend!, thank you for sharing,. :-)