My 17 Year Old Son Has A 61 Year Old Boyfriend

I am trying to understand how my son can be in love as he calls it with a 61 year old man. I understand and accept that he is gay but am having a difficult tim with his friends age. He orginaaly told me his friend was 18. I was ok with that. My son is very mature. They have mostly communicated via internet and nightly phone calls. They have had a few dates, before I knew what was going on. Now he has come clean with me that he is in love and the man is 61. The man lives several hours away. I googled the man and he seems to be a respectable man. My son was not molested and has a father in his life. He has confided in me asking not to tell his Dad or stepdad. But I need help with this. He said that they want to start to bew more open.Dear lord help me with this.
lajurge lajurge
Nov 28, 2012