My Sister Lost Her 13 Month Old Daughter

my sister lynn lost her baby 1988 her daughter jana' chay

her daughter had a problem with her heart the day she was born. my sister was all set to take

her daughter home and her baby's doctor got sick that day and another doctor

she was a heart specailest for peds. and she checked on her baby and was going

give her baby a check up befor she lefted to go home and she said the baby would have

died that night if she took her baby home so they did the first opreations and the baby did well .

then when the baby was 8 months old they had to do more heart secergy on the baby , what they didnt know

was the hosptial lefted a clamp in the baby's body , so the 3 opreastion they went back in

to see why the baby wasnt thriving or gaining wieght she was 13 months old and they couldnt

get the babys heart going again my sister' baby janna died on the table . my sister never

recovered from that she made a shrine to the baby and she hasnt been the same .

i cant find my sister iam still looking for her i havent seen her sents 1995 sends my dad's

furnal . my twin sister wont give me a stright answer where my sister lynn lives

my twin sister sent me and my husband on a wild chase . see my sister suffres from mental

illness and i want t o find her i live clost to the town where my sister is belived to live

anyone reading this have any sujestions how to find my sister ?

lunnas lunnas
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5 Responses Mar 24, 2010

i found it on a web site i thought i would <br />
share it on my blog.

Forgot to say, what a beautful photo.

Hi, I just read t what you have shared. My heart breaks for you and your sister. I cannot imiagine your heartache and the grief that you must, at times be devasated by. What a painful experience to endure. One that you will never get over and will always feek the sting from. <br />
<br />
Take care.

ty so very much for your kind words shadow

my condolences for your family's loss. i have no information regarding this, might i suggest websites dedicated to your local and surrounding areas. i hope you find her soon, you all are in my thoughts.