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I Spanked My Oldest Daughter

Hello dear EP, My name is Mary. As I wrote in my introduction story, which you can go read if you like.
Spankings happen quite often in our household - Both I and my daughters are spanked by my loving husband. I rarely spank our daughters, but in this case I did.

It was a ordinary sunday morning, we were at church, ( I was raised as a catholic and I aim to raise my girls that way) Anyways, we were at church our pastor in the middle of his Sunday speech, when I suddenly hear my olderst daughter Anna, who is 13. Say queitly but in an anger-like voice "laĆ½no" which can be translated to "****" - Its a very rude and disgusting word. Normally my girls never use that kind of language, I personally make sure of that. I heard her speak the disgusting word, but couldn't do anything, since our Pastor was still in the middle of his speech. I had to wait until our Pastor was done talking, and our sunday service was done. I quickly made it outside, where I started scolding Anna for speaking such language inside the house of God, I also asked her why she would ever use such a word, and she replied with fear in her eyes. She said to me " Me an Alina talked about school tomorrw... And I realized I had forgotten about this paper I should write, due tomorrow" She smilled at me with fear in her eyes - She knew how much I care for their schooling, and school-problems is the primary reason for their spankings. I was angry... So angry. But I wouldn't want to yell in the middle of the street. So I told her, we'll take of the paper when we get him. And we started to walk back home.

When we arrived I told Anna to start on that paper, and that her spanking awaited her at bed time.
(Our girls almost always gets their spankings at bed time, but we always tell them they get spanked, long before bed, so that all day they will be thinking about it. My husband does the same to me)

My husband wasn't home this weekend, he had visted his parents in Kiev - So it was only me and the girls. Time went on, and at 20:50 I told the girls to get ready for bed. They both sleep in the same room, for now we dont have the space to give them each a room so. My girls did as told, brushed their teeth, changed to their nightgowns and went to their room. I follow them there, and when we arrived I told Alina to wait outside. She did as told and waited out side.

The time had come, I had to spank Anna, it was not the first time I did this. But it was the first time in a long time I had spanked my girls. Normally my husband takes care of all the discipline in our house.

I went over to her bed, sat myself down and ordered her over my knee. At first she was just standing there, giving me puppy eyes saying "Please mommy, dont spank me, I promise never to use bad words again" - I told her this spanking was not all about the bad word, but also about her forgetting home work, which I cannot tolerate. I said to her sternly this time "Over my knee young lady" - I could see the fear and regret in her eyes, but I felt like I had to do this - I lifted her nightgown up over her butt and pulled her panties down - When I got spanked as a kid it was always done on the bare, and my husband also spank me on the bare now - He never spanks our daughters on the bare, but I sure believe it should be done so. Down they went, and I started the spanking with firm and fast smacks.
I was both dissapointed and angry, so the spanking might have gotten a little out of hand, I do admit this, but trust me, I payed the price for giving my daughter such an over-spanking.

1 minuts or so into the spanking she was crying and kicking, begging me to stop - But I didn't. I dont know why I didn't I should have stopped, she had learned her lesson - But I was so angry.

I continued the spanking for 2-3 minuts more, my poor girl crying her eyes out, begging me to stop, and praying to God to make me stop. First then I really realized what was going on, and I stopped spanking - I quickly raised my girl from my knee, I grapped her, and placed her on my lap and hugged her all I could, apologizing for my overreaction and telling her how much I loved her. I kissed her on her cheeks and forehead, and placed her in bed. She was still crying like a river, and she didn't dare to talk, I could feel. She was so afriad. I felt heartbroken for the treatment I had just giving my daugther. It destroyed me inside. I left their room and they went to sleep.

The next day Monday morning, Anna didn't talk to me - She simply ate her breakfest and left for school - I understood completly why.
unfortunately for me, Anna and Alina had called my husband from their school and told him all about my overeaction the night before - When he came home from work that Monday I was to receive a punishment of my own - I was simply afraid of how it would be executed. But thats another Story - Hope you enjoyed this one.
MaryKoviski MaryKoviski 36-40, F 10 Responses Aug 1, 2013

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You are a great mom, kids need strict discipline

A 'great mom' for losing control. No, a TERRIBLE parent. Simple. NEVER NEVER smack in anger.

Leave her alone! She knows she messed up! Mind your own business and let her be!

She posted here in order to garner responses. She may or may not know that she messed up but that's no excuse - IF it's even true. If it is then she has serious issues with her approach to parenting. It's disgraceful.

nice story

Is it one of those made up stories one can find on the internet that are intended for trolling or has this actually happened?

What kind of question is that?

I just couldnot believe the fact you spank your teenage daughters and that you even consider this is a good decision.The middle ages are long gone.

Spanking is a very common form of punishment in Ukrainian homes - I was spanked from the age of 6 to 21.

I find it quite hard to believe that you would have let yourself be spanked up to age 21. More likely at age 21 if a parent tried to spank their kid the kid would just walk out and laugh at the parent. What is more disturbing and an indication of even mental illness in you is stating that as a married woman at your age let your own husband discipline you. And I do not mean discipline you in a sexual way but in an abusive way. I don't care what country you are from a married woman should NEVER allow herself to be treated in an abusive way by their husband. My wife told me before we were married if I ever hit her it would be the first and last time. I would pay in more than just a financial way as in I would never see my children alone. And more likely they would not want to see me because she would tell them how I treated her.

Its a story and creepy people ********** to them.

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If you shamelessly spank your daughters, then congratulations (SARCASM MODE). No offense, but as much as I'd hate to break it to you, you're a horrible parent for spanking Anna like that and you probably deserve to have your kids taken away from you. As for your husband, he should do that to you nor them either because that's domestic violence. No one has the right to lay a hand on another human being, no matter what because I'm sure that it's against the law. Plus, abuse is a vile, nasty thing (spanking is hitting and hitting is abuse, no matter how you dress it up). You're lucky that the cops didn't get involved yet. Plus, I had been spanked as a kid and did it make me better? Nope; it just messed me up from head to toe and I have anger issues because of that! If I'll ever want to be a mother at all, I'll never spank any of my kids.

I wouldn't talk to a monster like you either if I was at her mercy. Guess I was wrong and the cycle of abuse continues. Put your kids up for adoption, the cant get any worse parents.

You should feel that way. I hope she never talks to you again. You need Jesus and by the way your husband is not allowed to hit you that is domestic violence. I'm surprised you both have not been arrested yet. Making your own daughter beg god for you to top striking her naked body. I can only shake my head at this story.

Shut the hell up. It isn't abuse but discipline. You are not the authority on what is or isn't abuse. It isn't your relationship it's theirs. So shut the help up and stay the hell out. You need a good spanking now. Damn nosey *****.

Thanks for the Add and an excellent story. I would be interested to learn and read more about your family CP!

I am able to reach through message or chat, ask anything you are curious about.

Eto pravdo. WOW touching story

You are a super women

Well done for admitting you were wrong and taking your punishment. Did your daughters know you were being spanked and if they did was the punishment more satisfying for you?

I dont know if my daugthers am awere of my punishments - They do know, when my husband and I go yearly to bed, it means something serious, but I dont know, and I hope they dont know I also get spanked. Its hard to remain an authority figure, when receiving the same punishment as the children. And Punishment spankings are never really, satisfying - I accept them because I know, failure and disobediens should be punished.