Hope To Soon But I Have Some Issues And Would Love Tips

I would love to parkour but i have a few obstacles preventing it. 1st i need to build up some strength, i never really did a whole lot of physical activity, so i have nowhere near the strength necessary. On this subject though, does anyone know of good exercises for strengthening the upper body? I don't want to pay for a gym membership, i currently don't have access to a bar to do pullups and the like on, and i have limited weights. 2nd... I can't roll =(, the most necessary move and my brain doesn't let me do it. I know i *can* do it, but i can't get my brain to let me go over my head and usually lose my nerve or dive sideways doing a barrell roll. Again any tips on how to roll over my head (if i do it once it should become 10x easier if i manage it once cause my brain will go like, "oh, thats not so bad.") would be greatly appreciated. And finally theres the problem of where. I live in a rather small city; most of it is either flat or private property... so finding a nice place to parkour/freerun in is not very easy, but this issue isn't that big right now.
Atrus20 Atrus20
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1 Response Sep 25, 2012

Upper body strength I do situps 10 in the morning 10 at night and now I free run like a bo-o-ohouse!