Life Experience

Hey im just wondering if anyone has had this feeling before so when i was little about 9 i had just one friend a girl call her sara anyway we used to do everything together go out, stay in, you know just hang out, but i dont know why we just stopped hangin out one day, now years later i bumped into her in the shops i could tell it was her from a mile away her hair her figure, everything was beatifull. Then when i walk up and say hi she doesnt recognize me this is what i meant by has anyone felt this weird feeling when she said ''who are you?'' my whole world just stopped everything froze and i could only see her lips moving. the memory is burned into my brain i couldnt even move i just stode there then when i seen her walking away without even a second look back i just had to tell myself to move on. She might have not had the same feelings for me but she never let me know, now im left to wonder.

So anyone else have an experience like this one?
xlStonedlx xlStonedlx
18-21, M
May 15, 2012