How We Met

this is the story of how we met. I was at the local watering hole with a few friends, the bar closed and we all gathered outside to smoke and figure out our plans for the rest of the evening. I wanted to get away from all the noise so I walked over to a big tree by the water, and thats where i saw him. I said hi, he was very shy and quietly replied the greeting. he had longish brown hair and was wearing a wool cowichan sweater and a touque. we didnt say much, I asked him for a light. We all walked down the road to a friends home where the after hours was to take place. My girlfriend said she had some "e" so i dropped some and so did everyone else. An hour later we bumped into each other again, and instanly we locked eyes, he was the most beautiful thing i had ever seen. after a failed attempt to make out in the bathroom we decided to venture outside and walk home to my place. When we got on the dirt road it was howling warm wind outside. it seemed that nature was hosting a show just for us. I remember how i couldnt stop saying his name. it rolled off my tongue, and sounded sweeter each time i said it. we finally made it home, and spent the night together. I was so worried that he wouldnt be there in the morning, and that it was just a one night stand. but there he was sleeping. he awoke with a smile and gave me a kiss. I was going to have a garage sale that morning with my friend who lived upstairs . so we all had coffee and sold our wears. later he went home to get a few things from his floathome. He never left...and we are still living together and happy today four years later. Moral of the story is follow your heart not the rules of dating. we broke every rule in the book and i wouldnt have it anyother way.
killbarbie killbarbie
26-30, F
Sep 13, 2006