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I have been participating in Yahoo Answers quite a bit for almost three and a half years now. I always feel great knowing that someone is benefiting at least a little bit from the information that I give to them. There was one person in particular that I had helped because she was having some difficult times in the past. These included events such as having sex with many men and cheating on her boyfriend. She had said she was a changed person and thanked me so much for my kind heart and said "God Bless You". Out of all negative things that have happened in my life this really helped to turn some of that around. I felt new purpose and destiny in my life which I hadn't felt before, because as I have said I can be extremely paranoid. I highly recommend this site for anyone who wants to share what they know with other people. There are some more fun categories like Polls and Surveys where you can just earn points for the heck of it but the categories like Mental Health are meant to be taken much more seriously and you really need to sit back and think about your answer for a little while. It could help or hinder that person greatly. Sometimes they even send out small prizes for thanking you in "helping make the world a better place".  

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Mar 24, 2009