My Hands Across America Experience From Ktot (chris)

my hands across america experience was actually quite an adventure. i lived in fremont, ca in the san francisco bay area, and the closest place to participate was los angeles. i decided to go anyway. i went to a rush concert the night before in sacramento, about an hour and a half northeast of the bay area, by myself. there was one bus out of oakland to go overnight to la. a friend of mine said i could park my car at his work close to the bus station. i went to the concert, which my friend was also at, then drove like crazy back to oakland to catch the bus. i met a girl on the bus who was basically doing the same thing. we got to los angeles just in time to take a cab to the line. we were about ten minutes late. we stood there and sang with everybody for about 15 minutes, and that was it. then we walked around hollywood for about 6 hours before boarding the bus home. i got some pictures, and all in all it was alot of fun. i'm glad i did it. hope you had fun too!

ktot ktot
46-50, M
Feb 25, 2010