What's Left To Do Besides Getting Heavily Intoxicated?

I party too much, I went to a party college and moved to a party town for grad school. I have been partying b/w 3-6X a week for like 8 years. And it didn't help that I worked at a hot night club for a couple years. All I can say is, take it slow. Otherwise, you will burn out! If you are still having fun, you are lucky. I'm at the point, that when I go out now, I have seen it all. Iv'e experienced every party scenario hundreds of times over. I find myself so bored when I go out that I binge drink to distract myself from how boring it is. That only leads to me getting irritated and either starting arguments with friends or spending way too much money at the bar. Further, it's terrible for your body. Now that I'm 27, my hangovers last forever. Maybe I'm just getting old, but I wish there was more to do social, besides going out to bars and clubs to drinks.
YourBuddy85 YourBuddy85
May 6, 2012