A New Home

alone in this corner, all dark and damp

all ideas of ever being noticed lost

all pass by me as part of the decor

he, another one to walk through

did he just stop and look at me

I think he is speaking to me now

oh, he is walking away

how wonderful it felt for only a moment

wait, he is returning with the store keeper

I am being lifted from the hook that I have swung

forever it has felt as the sun never reaches this corner

she hands me over to this person who took time to see

he looks right at me with a smile 

words that made my wings flutter

he covers my cage to protect me he says

I hear so many new sounds

oh did I just hear my cage being placed back on that hook

he changed his mind to my dark corner i have returned

oh the cover is removed to the brightest light

no i have a new home so bright and happy

he speaks to me daily and reads to me nightly

what did he see others did not

to this man who saved me i sing

happy when he returns home to hear his words flow

(to be continued)

PassarellisLove PassarellisLove
41-45, F
1 Response Feb 25, 2010

That is beautiful! You should post that in a poetry group as well!