Watching The World From My Throne


that's where I can be found.  My throne awaits me, so I steal minutes of time to reclaim my rights as its benevolent ruler.

I've worked hard over the years to plant a beautiful oasis full of blooming perrenials, flowering shrubs and grasses.  The evergreen bushes mark the openings to "garden rooms" like noble centurions.

The little birds stop on their front door perches and give me a quick, friendly nod before disappearing inside.  The feeding stations are a flutter of activity like the local coffee shop where one drops in for a quick lunch and conversation. 

Bird baths scatter the yard bringing cool, fresh water to those that need it most and an occasional early morning bath.

This is my kingdom! These are my subjects! 







Theshepherdess Theshepherdess
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14 Responses Feb 25, 2010

JT - I can't wait to show you and your friend around!

Thanks for stopping by my garden for a visit, Perseverer!<br />
<br />
I guess I forgot to write Buster into the story...oops!<br />
<br />
Somehow, his silent, patient vigils about the feeders have never produced any results for him; however, the stone pathways where the chipmunks like to scurry across are quite the opposite. LOL!

May I say how beautifully written? You have captured the refuge of your throne magnificently. I am so very much reminded of my husband's throne. Only the bird bath is watched by the cat who lives outside, so only the bravest risk it.

I think a lot of gardeners try to create a place they can feel the "inner peace" they desperately seek.<br />
<br />
We all have our times when we find that place inside of us and it's nothing you ever forget. Moments of complete happiness are recreated through a lot of our designs inside the home and out in the gardens or at our jobs. <br />
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People that don't ever feel that joy can't express it in their life.

Dancinghour: How touching your memories are of your garden. I love the weeping willow being the guardian of all your lost pets. What a beautiful resting place for them. Yes, you can do it again. Gardens we create do make wonderful memories. A handprint left in the soil.<br />
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Soozles: How about some pictures of your garden? If I can get the help I need, I plan on posting pictures of my garden. I would love to see your quiet place to renew your spirit.

Only just saw this story, Shep. Those of us who love our gardens are so lucky. It is such an escape, to get out there with the colour, the perfume, the birdsong - wonderful! The garden at the shelter is too big to do much more than maintain, but in my house yard I have my own oasis. Always adding to it, always waiting for the next flush of blooms. Lots of water dishes and baths, so lots of butterflies, birds, and insects. Sigh. Love it!!

What a sweet memory to visit. I know too that I'll always remember and cherish my gardens and the peaceful moments I've had there. I love your different "theme" gardens. I've never heard of something like them and so glad you took the time to share this with me. You know you're always welcome to spend time remembering you beautiful gardens here.

I had a garden once when my husband was a live. I designed the space and planted and enjoy this place.Every wiinter I search through the garden catalogs for new plants. I had a biblical garden in one area from every plant I read of in my bible. I had a friendship garden area where only plants given by friends were there. I would give one they would give one. When I could not be with that friend I would talk to their plant (srange but they grew). Herbal garden in another. Now someoneelse has my garden and the house I know they do enoy it ! My husband thought I talk to butterflies and they listened because when I watered they followed me. It was my peaceful place and I often visit it in my mind/heart .

Come on over Gray, any time, I'd love to share my gardens with you!

It sounds so relaxing, Can feel the peace of mind.

I know exactly how you feel and can visualize your garden.

your garden sounds lovely

Tuck it away then! When you need to go there, you'll always be welcome!

I can picture it<br />
thank you so much for sharing something so very soothing<br />
<br />
Its just what I needed to read today...<br />
and for days to come