Yea, I passed it my first time... my teacher was crazy, I think.  Don't get me wrong, he was awesome, but, crazy too.  I was driving along, and I was going like 7 over the speed limit, and I was like okay, I am going to coast until I drop down.  The next thing I know, he slams on his brake that is in the passenger side.  Everyone in the car flew forward, it was soo funny, cause he was like, "NO!  We will drive under the speed limit."  And then we went to McDonald's for breakfast, and I did a 3-point-turn.  He passed me, and then I got my license, lol.  Looking back, I think it should have been a little more involved then that.  But, who am I to judge the public schooling system, lol.

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lol maccas!