Drunk and passed out on house roof

It was June last year when my friends and I had a final blast after graduating college and heading off in all different directions in the country to start our careers. The final hoorah. About 50 people showed up and most of the ladies looked amazingly hot.

I've always been a drinker and love to challenge random people to a drink off. The contest: first to drink 2 beers wins. Bottoms up! The first two challengers were ridiculously easy. Those skinny suckers didn't have a chance.

So after 4 beers, I build up some confidence to challenge tougher drinkers. I waited about 30 minutes before challenging someone else. I won again. But another friend came up to me right afterwards and challenged me. I knew I was at a disadvantage but heck I was feelin' pretty invincible. He whipped my butt.

I was still on my first bottle when this fool emptied both. So after 8 beers, I was gonna take it slow. Some girls wanted to do shots so I did about 4 shots with them with 2 body shots.  After one of the body shots off of a hottie girl's chest, we started making out and then a really cute girl joined in and started to make out with us doing a threeway kiss. It was only about 10 seconds of threeway kissing until some fool poured a bottle of ice cold beer over our heads to cool us off. If it wasn't for it being my best friend, I would've slaughtered that guy right there.

I asked the two girls if they wanted some privacy and go out and get some air with me. I was feeling really wasted by then. It was about 8 beers and 4 shots in less than an hour. I still had game though. I asked them if they wanted to see the stars and the best view was on the roof. They agreed. So I got a ladder and we all climbed up. I carried a 6-pack for us to drink up there.

When we got up on the roof, there wasn't any stars since it was really cloudy. So I suggested we just down the beers. I challenged them and whoever lost had to do whatever the winner asked. I won and had them making out with each other. I won again and they started making out with me again.

It was then that I totally passed out, so they said. Right on the roof! My friends told me they didn't want to try to move me or call for fire department for help (for obvious reasons). So they left me there to sleep it off all night. I woke up almost noon the next day completely hung over. It took me about 15 minutes to get down the ladder since I had to rest every couple of steps. The rest is history.

And the girls? I never saw them again. Oh well. Moral of the story--getting drunk is fun, but don't be stupid.
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1 Response Mar 16, 2006

nice lmfao!<br />
i used to do sh*t like that in college :)<br />
was that your first 3some makeout?