Got Drunk. Passed Out. Got Raped?

A few months ago, I was stupid enough to accept an invitation to kick back with a guy. It was only ME and HIM. Oh yeah, and a lot of liquor. I am not yet 21 but he is.. I got there, everything was good, then he started giving me shots. I drank about seven shots and I was already feeling light headed, everything looked kind of blurry, but I was still concious. He offered the 8th shot, but he combined it with two liquors. I honestly did not see his little mixing. I drank that shot then walked outside and from there I don't remember ANYTHING! :( Until I woke up at around 8am with a blanket over me, I was soaking wet from between my legs. I got up and went to the bathroom and I looked at myself in the mirror and I had a bruised lip and cheek. I asked the guy what happened, he said I fell on my face and I was wet because I had peeped myself and that I threw up a few times all over his house. I cleaned up as best I could. I was wearing a dress, my underwear was wet so I took that off and threw it away, I had taken extra pants so I put those on and then laid on the guys bed because I felt tired and out of it. Before I knew it, the guy was ontop of me, he didnt kiss me at all. but he started taking off the pants I had just put on and I said "NO" but he continued to take my pants off, and I remember just laying there, wanting to move while he raped me but all I could say was "NO" "NO" yet I couldn't make my body move to at least push him off or try and get away. When everything was done, I still stayed there with him for about two more hours, which I find rather weird because while I was there with him, talking to him like if nothing had happened I couldn't process that he had just raped me, until afterwards that I had been home and had taken a shower and slept for a few hours was when I realized that he had raped me because I hadn't wanted it. I called him and asked him if he had penetrated me or if it was just my imagination, he said he hadn't but I know what I felt..After that I haven't got totally drunk after that, because it wasn't such a pleasant experience :(
ItsEnough ItsEnough
18-21, F
Oct 20, 2011