My Night of Hell!

Normally, I'm a very mature person. While other teens see fit to experiment with drugs and alcohol, I find no need to do this. But for some reason I kept getting this nagging feeling that it would be very good for me to try it.
    One very normal summer day of last year in '06 I invited my twin friends (T and St) and my other friend, Sa over. My twin sister, So, was there also. We had hung out all day and they were planning on spending the night at our house. T kept mentioning how she had recently been drunk for the first time earlier in the summer and she really wanted to do it again. Me, being the lovely host that I am, suggested we call my nieghbor, Mike (you know nasty kiss boy), who had the alcoholic connections we needed. His only stipulation was that we drink with him at his house. I agreed and everyone was so excited about getting trashed with one boy.
    I told my mom that we were just going swimming in his pool, which was the truth. We were just going to drink a little while we swam! (I know this was so stupid.) Mike, being the lovely gentleman that he is hooked us up with some of the strong ****, B151 straight vodka OMG, that stuff was potent. I had managed to snag a few pointless liqours from my parents stash, but even they were like drinking water compared to the vodka. T and St kept pretending to be Johnny Depp from POTC and saying, "Ohhh I love rum!" and they continally chugged shots. I just wanted to get drunk, so I matched every shot T downed. My sis, also being the partier, did the same. Only Sa wouldnt drink.
    As the night wore on... which it did, but not for St, T, So, and me... While we acted like drunken *****, stripping and screaming, laughing and falling, pretending to drown in the pool, taking a **** on Mike's deck (not me!), and then playing in it (still not me!), and then proceeded to scream that "OH MAN I NEED TO ****!" while making out with Mike... who was oh-so enjoying our drunked antics. But eventually it became too much for Sa and Mike.
    Sa took over St and T and Mike took over So and me. Holding my head above the water while I pretended to drown just to **** him off, well it was ******* him off. I swear we were only in the pool for 15min, however according to Sa we were there for 4 hours. And they just couldnt handle it anymore. Mike's dad woke up and came outside shocked to see 4 drunk off their *** girls parading almost nude and swimming in his pool (with the steps broken). Mike's dad (bless his soul) tried to get us out of the pool and on our way home, but he couldnt get us out. So, he called my mom. (OMG OMG OMG OMG AHHHH!! HELP OMG!!!) Mom didn't believe Mike's dad and she laughed in the phone when the mention of alcohol and her daughters names came in the conversation. But Mike's dad proceeded to tell her he was not joking with her.
    Sadly to say my mom came to the house and managed to pull me out of the pool... topless by my hair. (I don't remember any of this, like I said I only remember the first 15min of a 4hour night.) She would only drive me and T home (my sister managed to run home... and she was so drunk!) and Sa and had to walk with St home since she had... erm **** herself.
     The next morning I woke up from a nightmare (about getting drunk and getting caught) and I thought to myself oh that didnt happen! But then I threw my covers off, I was still in my bathing suit... (clue #1) and my bed was soaking wet... from **** (clue #2) I jumped up and shook my sister awake.
Me: "OMG! Did mom catch us?!" (inside my head praying: PLEASE GOD NO!)
So: "Uh... OMG yes!"
Me: "We are so dead."
    I changed into some normal clothes and looked in the mirror. My hair was simply tragic my pony tail was on one side of hy head (from the pulling) and I was shaking (I was still drunk and scared!). I ran into the guest bedroom and found T and St asleep in the bed. I forced them both awake. We were all so scared. Sa was in the living room, pissed as hell. (On top of having to take care of the other twins, my sis had made so much fun of her... oops!) She proceeded to tell us about our night of hell and I was mortified. I found unexplainable cuts and bruises in equally unexplainable places (like my nipple?!) and I couldn't stop shaking. We all sat in anticipation of my parents waking up. Finally I heard the door open and my mom walked in... and didn't say... one word. She kind of half- smiled to herself on her way back to her room saying, "Bet you won't ever do that again." And she is right... I won't!
    Okay, you're thinking we didn't get punished... well we did. So and I were grounded for the rest of the summer. T and St HAD to tell their mom what happened and Sa just quit being our friend. So honestly getting drunk... and passing out... yah, IT SUCKS! (Especially when your parents take black mail pics to show you how awful you look! Although your very drunk sister somehow manages to delete them in her drunken stupor... wow!) :)
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Mar 7, 2007