Blacking Out

I hit the wrong button and the message just went away.  Oops!  Just like my  life when I was drinking too much.  We do very brash things we wouldn't do otherwise and guess what - we don't even get to enjoy them because we really aren't there - our brain is in lock down somewhere else plus we are destroying brain cells.   It's too bad that alcohol is the "poison of choice" designated by our "leaders".  There are other things that can be more fun and do less damage to us and to others than alcohol.
moxiesurvivor moxiesurvivor
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2 Responses May 8, 2007

Absolutely - what a farce the drug war is. Hey a glass of wine when you are smoking is very refined and classy! It's when you drink the whole bottle because there is nothing else that the problems start.

it's pretty incredible that our leaders in their lofty but misguided manner have taken it upon themselves to protect us from mJ which has never in recorded history killed anyone for Alchol which kills so many every year that the grand total exceeds menlost in war!<br />
Sad part of it all is I so love a great joint with a equally great Cabernet Sav. Lol