The Most Memorable (is That Ev...

The most memorable (is that even an appropriate statement considering the topic?) occasion would have to have been the grad party my brother threw for me.  He invited all of our mutual acquaintances and had a wonderful time including a BBQ and a wicked game of Midnight Croquet...the only rules were that you had to play the ball where it landed (unless it landed on the highway).

The other occasion is memorable for an entirely different reason and is living proof of why it isn't a good idea to over indulge in alcohol with people you don't know.  The night started off fine, consisting of a small group of three, including me.  A few hours into our "party"...and several shots of bourban later...more people showed up.  The end result was that I ended up passing out in an upstairs bedroom, only to wake up with a stranger in bed with me.  I considered...and still to be a harsh learning experience.  I was lucky, but it could have ended very, very badly with any number of diseases or an unwanted pregnancy.
Chiruken Chiruken
31-35, F
May 14, 2007