I Was Depressed An Kept Drinki...

i was depressed an kept drinkin till i felt better but by that time it was a few bottles of vodka later.
lilhellbunny lilhellbunny
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1 Response Dec 24, 2006

that happened to my son of just 15, he drank so much whiskey he went unconsience, he wasnt even respondindng to pain and his bp was only 34 per min, i have never been so freaked out in my life, i was willing him 2 live, life is short enough theres no need 2 make it any shorter, and no matter what you may be going through now rough times dont last for ever, just try and push on. we are trying to sort out a few problems at the moment but we'll get there and so will you.if you'd like to you could write back anytime, take care and wish you all the best XXXXXXXXXX