I Had a Rough Streak

I worked in the restaurant business for a number of years.  For those of you that don't know, there is a lifestyle that often goes along with that line of employment that involves late nights and varying levels of substance use/abuse.  A few of us had a system where we would begin drinking right at the end of our shift at the restaurant and then go to the nearest bar.  I was well known at this bar and I tipped really well so they gave me whatever i wanted and fast because last call was only an hour and a half from when I got there!  So I would have beer and whiskey, about three or four each walk/stumble up the hill to my apartment and keep it going if need be in order to knock myself out.  I'm not sure my body and mind knew how to go to bed any other way at that point.  So, I guess if I were to start a new group it could be "I passed out from drinking a lot?"
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2 Responses Aug 5, 2007

I tried not to count my money when I left work. Instead I counted it when I got up the next morning/afternoon. One of the ways I would shelter myself from the harsh reality. On one particular day off, a group of us was doing some afternoon drinking in our hangout and the owner was going through his bills and just started to hand them to us one at a time. He said "you guys might as well just pay them directly." We all laughed.......not because it was funny.....because it was true.

It's a lifestyle all right. Back in the day there was a popular spot in town and I remember vivdly that at 2:00 they would lock the doors and lay out long lines of coke on the bar. "Party gone out of bounds." As you know well, the restaurant scene is still very much a cash business and frequently waiters and waitresses get into a groove, burning up their hard earned money magically.