Missing Something I Never Lived

Hi im 20, i can't stoping liking a person, but i know that that person is not who im looking for.
There is a girl, i liked her on school, but now, personally i know i couldn't be with her, because all i see when i look at her is something that i feel i already lived.
I know this will be hard to explain, but, i will try. you know when you remember someone, and you see another person that matches the personality?
because all i felt, i could tell, i'm remembering a past life, but im confused.
I already talked to her, and , i just said i like her, she said she likes me as a friend, and we moved on. But i can't stoping dreamming of ''her''!! I dont know if is the same person, night after night i dream with her!
Ill try to explain the last dream i had.
She said me she left her boyfriend to stay with me, after a long time waiting. that was for me a dream came true! i know this is a little bit ironic, but i felt what i never felt.
And another dream that she was pregnant.
in that dream, last thing i remember is going for a travel and letting her wating for me to come back. Every time i hear a old love song i cry, and thats why i have depression since my 10.
Do i dream of her, or i remember another person? Am i dreamming this just because i wanted to have something that i never had? Personally, i dont think she is that something for me to dream with her every night, but something in her just bring me some pieces of memories.
What should i do, im stuck in something that corrodes me inside, i cant live anymore, and i cant believe that just one person that i dont even know so good, just makes that to me!
Is this a past life. Help me please, how do i deal with it?
Im suffering for something i never lived! How can this be possible, please help me!
alecclassy alecclassy
18-21, M
Feb 9, 2013