Patriots Could Pull Into 2nd Place With Win

The Washington Redskins got their Christmas arcade done a brace of weeks earlier. They gave the New England Patriots absolutely a allowance with their win over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.

If alone it were all so simple.

Now, the Patriots accept an befalling to appropriate sole control of the AFC's second-best almanac if they can cull off the win adjoin the Houston Texans on Monday Night Football. Four wins to abutting out the division would assure the Patriots the No. 2 berry in the AFC playoffs. If history is declared to advise us something, again I have to point out that the approved division rarely has a Game of the Year that in fact appearance the appointment championship Tom Brady Jersey or the Super Bowl teams, yet that's all you apprehend and see from sports allocution and television.

With two of the team's final three amateur adjoin the Texans, though, a top berry in the playoffs seems like a amplitude for them, abnormally back they would charge to do bigger than the Patriots' final Tom Brady Jersey by at atomic one bold to abate the tiebreaker.

There are affluence of teams still in the coursing for a top berry in the playoffs, but the Patriots are the alone aggregation that controls its own destiny. With the appropriate bold plan and Patriots jerseys execution, they can get the auto affective in the appropriate administration tonight.
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Dec 13, 2012