Big Sisters Wedding

It was the day before my big sisters wedding, (I say big sister, as she was twenty two, and at the time I was seven), and she was crying in the corner of the living room, whats the matter Beverly, mym asked her, it's Lucy, she replied, she's ill and cant be a bridesmaid tomorrowl, well mum said there's nothing for it, you will be one bridesmaid short, but I've arranged averything for two bridesmaids, to hold my train, can't the maid of honor do it asked mum, no said Beverly, it would look silly, well mum said I don't know what else we can do, then suddenly they both looked at me, what about Paul, Beverly said, we can make him look like a girl can't we, I don't know said mum as she called me over, how much do you love your sister, mum asked me, lots I said, why, would you do anything for her, yes I said, like what, will you wear a dress for the wedding tomorrow, I will look silly, I said, no you wont beverly said, we will make you look like a real girl, please Paul, Beverly begged, you'll love it, and I will buy you anything you want, if you just help me, ok I said, just for you.

The next morning, mum got me up early, and told me to get into a perfumed bath, before taking me to her room and putting my hair in rollers, I was then told to put on a pair of white tights, and a light pink petticoat, mum then told me to sit on a chair so she could paint my nails with light pink nail polish. and once they were dry, mum producd a pink satin dress and told me to step into it before she pulled it over my shoulders and zipped the back up, mum then called Beverly as ahe removed the curlers from hy hair, Beverly took one look at me and said that she thought I looked very pretty, she continued sayng that I made a convincig girl and shy gave ma a pail of white sandals with a quater inch heel to put on, mum then put some blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick on me and told me to wait for the car, aththe wedding every one said how prtty I was, even mum said that seeing me dressed in this way, she found herself forgetting she had a son. and Beverly, well I don't know why, but she said I could keep the dress, and bought me a bike for helping her on her special day/
paulascerett paulascerett
51-55, T
Dec 9, 2012