I Pay My Wife For Sex.

Sometimes i offer my wife money for sex. 100 or 200 dollars. It isn't like she doesn't have access to our money but the bright, pretty cash turns her on. She knows she can spend it on whatever she wants no family considerations to make first.
If i'm paying i figure i get to have sex my way ;)
Sadly afterwards she feels guilty. I don't.
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I started paying my wife for sex about six months ago. 30 for a hand job, 40 for straight sex, and 75 for her to dress up in lingerie with stockings.. Then anything goes on these sessions.
She loves the idea of being paid, and certainly won't let me off without paying... At the moment I owe her 60, and she won't let me have a thing till I pay up.

the guilt is part of the deal -- prostitutes feel guilt. it's when they harden and don't feel it anymore that they become less human. revel in her guilt -- you're using her; does she imagine you're someone else, maybe? ;)

No i am quite sure not.
The taboo-ness of taking money for sex does turn her on.

so why does she feel guilt?

Afterwards she feels it was unchristian of her. Same if she fantasizes during sex, full of guilt afterwards.

why do you say prostitutes are incapable of suffering such guilt. there is some documentation in the past of such guilt. well, currently, too. :)

I don't think i did say that. Did I?

your first reply in this thread. or i probably misread it -- i was wondering why you'd think that, actually. :) took this long to clarify!

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She does not have to be ashamed either getting paid by her hubby... The sex would be greater if she could lose the guilt.. Tell her you own her in anyway because you are married duh!

She has problems with guilt. I thin that last comment would arose a great deal of anger in her. but i was amused.

I'd like to ask how you would feel .
Would you like to be paid for sex?

Not with money, maybe with something better!


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As long as it is your wife you have nothing to be ashamed of LMAO

My wife likes it both before and afterward. I don't feel like I own her by paying her for sex. It's just something we find to be fun. We enjoy it very much.

That is cool.

I feel i own her like one owns a prostitute for the time agreed. Maybe not the best attitude to have but it is erotic,

How did you both decide to do this? My wife offered to have more sex for pay.

I got the nerve up and asked her. She was reluctant as she always is to anything remotely kinky but she REALLY loves shopping for clothes and the idea of unencumbered cash got her going.

She still feels guilty afterwards. As she does when ever we do something kinky.

As for your situation go for it. See how small amount she may perform for maybe even $40

I do the same with my wife.

Does she like it both before and afterward?

Do you feel like you 'own' her for the time then?

She likes it before and after. No, I don't feel like I own her when we do this. It's just fun that she will be my own ****/prostitute. We have lots of fun like this.