'pay It Forward'

I have done this all my life without putting a name to it.If I help someone stranded on the side of the road I will not take money for it.2 stories come to mind immediately.

While on my way to a business meeting about an hour from my home, I came across a couple on the side of the highway. Their van had broken down and could not be worked on until the next day.Although their house was way out of my way in a part of a city I did not know at all I gave them a ride.I took them to their front door.When offered money I responded by saying pay it forward.when you find someone in a similar situation in life remember this and do for them as I have done for you.

On my way home from work at the post office one day I saw a newer version of my car, a taurus, on the left side of the road on the freeway.Normally people pull off the freeway to the right by the slow lane not the left by the fast lane.That was my  first clue something was not quite right.I pulled off some 10 or 15 yards ahead of their car.They had a flat tire. There was a guy going to use a bottle jack to jack up the car and he had it positioned under the oil pan.I stopped hm from punching a hole in the oil pan.They were visitors from another country and did not speak english at all which made communication very difficult.I went to my car, popped the trunk, got my jack and a four way lug wrench. I changed the tire for them. When I was done the man started trying to hand me money. I played like I could not take it as my hands were full.I motioned to my car. Then I walked back to my car, threw the jack and 4 way in the trunk, closed the trunk, got in my car and drove away.

Those are just 2 examples ,off the top of my head, of how I try to treat those I come across in need of something I can help with.

It is my hope by sharing this 1 other person will be inspired to follow this example.I did not post these stories for personal glory or to be egotistical.

Be at peace
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Good on you......... You are a truely nice person, it is a pity that there are not more like you.

You have given me something to think about..............................

Thank you for posting this beautiful story, and for the loving kindness you are in the habit of showing people. I very much enjoyed reading this and find myself inspired. The comments are magnificent and a fitting tribute to the quality of this shared experience.

I like helping people when I can, and I rarely tell anyone about it. It is like my little secret with myself. The gift of helping others is how it makes you feel knowing that you made someone's day go a little better.

More people need the same attitude. Thanks

Good for you. We should all help others out more. I always try to help others at my retail job.

You are just lovely aren't you? The world could do with more people like you! Xxx

Thank you so much. You have no idea how much that helps me just now

ps the good samaritan lives in me i think

dude if this is really you then we have always been freinds

Dude, This IS really me.

If only every person would believe this way, how wonderful the world be..most people expect a reward or special attention for just doing something that is right & good..it's a shame. Kudos to you for being someone that is kind & giving without looking for a pat on the back..But here's a virtual "pat on the back" anyway..

My mother taught me this at an early age. She had made all of the goodies for a friend's big family get together, ( friend was out of town, arriving home on Friday night and the get together was going to be on Saturday) and when her friend asked her what she could do to repay her my mom told her that she didn't have to. Just do something for someone else, and I will consider the debt paid. When I heard her say that, I asked her what she meant. She told me that it was nicer to pass on a favour than to want to be repaid.

You do it out of the kindness of your heart, because you care.

I think, in all honesty...this is the only hope we have...paying it forward. Unfortunately, not all are on the same page, or even in the same library.

Never heard this ex<x>pression before, but it's the way I have always been too. Good on you.

Pay it forward whenever I can.

It never even occured to me write these sort of stories. I do not take and accept human kindness as a rule. I would like to believe that I have always been kind but I know that is not true.<br />
I had a blow out in the fast lane one time, an officer of the law saw the whole thing. I managed to safely pull my car off the road but in the narrow left lane. As I sat there waiting for my heart rate to become normal he pulled up behind me. Oh damn, damn, damn. I'm a mommy and my children are @ home waiting for me and I have NO insurance and 5 fix-it tickets on my car. He said, "maam, that was a fine piece of driving. If you'll just pop open the trunk I'll get that spare and send you on your way." I will never forget that man.

My friend you most certainly are connecting the golden thread off good karma....it is wonderful to give unexpected help...it is as wonderful to experience it as well. I think it restores our faith in the good. I agree with the other poster. The media feeds us lots of negativity....it is up to us as individuals to filter it out....I refuse to watch the news before going to sleep.....they would have us believe that there is little good in this world...but like you there is more good and "LIGHT" than most realize...-:) <br />
<br />
Peace & Blessings to you !!!<br />
<br />
P.S. I am a HIPPIE as well .....its more fun.

Not to mention your own personal feel good factor.

I'm in the lucky position of not needing help very often but when I do, I hope all the good deeds I've done in the past were worth it. I very much enjoy the "pay it forward" philosophy. I've helped people with flat tires in parking lots, locked keys, broken down cars, and some much much beyond what most normal people would do (letting a friend stay at the house for a couple of months - see one of my stories about that). I like the ones where people pay for the toll for the car behind them, or buy food for the next person in line at the drive-thru. Just a simple act of kindness can bring more joy than you could possibly buy with that $10 you spend on a couple of burgers for a stranger.

I met a guy playing an online game a few years ago.He lives in india. He is studying medicine and wanted to get a residency in the states.I put him up in my house for 6 months(without charging him a dime).

Love it! I'm the same way. Just recently I did a 3000 km drive from one end of Ontario to the other for a girlfriend of mine wanting to move back home. I had never met her face to face (internet friend) before until this trip. She's a single mum with 2 special needs kids and desperately wanted to go home to Northern Ontario (near arctic watershed area, past where I live in norther Ontario).<br />
<br />
All she had to do was pay the gas. That's all I asked for. She was short money to feed her boys during the trip so I fed them too (and don't mind a bit doing so). It was a nice trip and a nice pay it forward moment for myself too.

Oww I reallly like this and use it myself.

I have tried to practice this my whole life, but on several occasions I have been taken for a fool, I lent $5,000.00 to a friend so they could keek their home, they filed bankruptcy and listed me as a creditor. Another time I was invited to a party for my godchild, they thought the cost was 29.99 total for bowling and pizza, ect. They came to me and promissed to pay me back in a week. It was never paid,nor did they try to contact me. But I did not change my ways. I try to hire those that are sincere, I often will buy, or make a meal for those who are hungry. I deliver clothes and blankets to the homeless. In the past few years have been very stressful for our family, we adopted two babies, both severally handicapt because of drug use from the biological parents. When Noah was less then four months old, my husband died at the age of 41, he went peacefully in his sleep. I was diagnosed with breast cancer,along with my MS,and Lupus. I wondered how we get along. We struggled for over 2 years, we did not have formula or diapers. I sold everything I could to get the things we needed. I was forced to sell our home, and the realtor turned out to be a con,to make a long story short,I signed a quick claim deed rather then the permit to sell, I came home from the Dr's the next day, and everything was removed from my home. They even brought a Crain to remove to Grand Pianos and a Porsche that I was saving for my oldest son. It was his fathers wish. We are still in litigation,with no sign of resolution anytime soon. We had very few things that were at my sisters house. This was near Christmas time, it was around the 23 of December, and someone brought a tree, with all the ornaments ,and lights. What joy this brought our family. The next night the doorbell rang, and there were all the trimmings for a wonderful Christmas Dinner. On Christmas morning there was a note from Santa slipped through the door that Santa could not fit through our chimney and I went out side to find a big bag, it was gifts for the children, and even a gift for myself. Living on disability on $1300. 00 a month for 6 is not easy, we truly only get what we absolutely need . Later that Christmas day, there was a beautiful bag with beautiful towels hand embroidered , and 3 gift cards , this would buy formula and diapers. I cried that people would do this much for strangers. Two weeks later there were over 30 bags of grocies , this has happened since January this year, We were going to have to live in a shelter. On Easter, there were 5 beautiful baskets for the kids, and 2 gift cards to help pay for the medicines we need.I have stopped my MSmeds because after 1 month I was already in the donut hole, my condition is getting worse ,I am unable to walk, but we have been truly blessed. I do not know who to thank, I take what we need, and no more. I device it uo, and get in my scooter and take it to others that are in the same situation. You can learn to get by on less, and appreciate what you have even more. This kind gesture is helping 7 families . The thank me, and I tell them to thank God. All these acts of kindness are done without name. Who is responsible for this kindness? I recently was in ICU for several weeks I was not expected to live. But by the grace of God my babies have a mommy. I will always remember the kindness shown to me, and will continue to pass it forward, it's nice to know that charity still exists.

You are amazing !!! ALL LOVE TO YOU &amp; BLESSINGS ...-:)

Kudos, a man after my own thoughts. I have ong believed in the philosophy of paying it forward, even before the movie gave it a name. I too have done similar things to aid a stranger and sometimes a friend in need. If we all did this, thought this way I know the world would not be in the sad shape it is. To give more than we expect in return is a sensation we should cherish, I for one do.

Thank you all for the kind words and sentiments.<br />
<br />
Be at peace

Thank you for doing these good deeds. It is true that there are a lot of good people out there and I believe there are more of us than there are "them". Unfortunately, it's the fear of "them" that stops quite a few people from doing good deeds. My ex would always ask, when I'd do a favor for someone, "what are they going to do for you?" I usually just ignored him until one day, I turned and replied, "Unlike you, the thought never enters my mind." I wonder if he ever thought of that after we split and he had no friends? We do reap what we sow.

You sound like the angel that helped me by changing my tire in a parking lot and wouldn't let me pay. I felt so grateful, and tried to pay him, but he wouldn't take it, and I swore I saw a golden aura around him for an instant. It really helps recharge my giving spirit to be on the receiving end sometimes. I give alot, but I receive alot, too.

It would be nice to be on the recieveing end sometime.

Doesn't it feel like heaven when you do that? I love that feeling. And it's also wonderful when you are on the other side and receive this gift from somebody.

Glad I'm not alone.

Kudos and approval for this posting and the comments. I do the same. There needs to be more of us.

I think, if you knew the truth of it, most people ARE like you, honest, decent, caring for others. The trouble is, that's not news, so it's the other kind that make the headlines, the greedy, selfish minority who regard the rest of us as mugs to be taken for all we've got.<br />
<br />
Just remember that they ARE a tiny minority, for all the trouble they cause.<br />
<br />
<br />
It's not SUCH a bad old world really!<br />
<br />
Have fun,<br />
<br />

Awesome. Kindness is a gift we all are given if only we could see it more in the events of the current job market and economy. I too practive random acts of kindness. It is a lifestyle for me. Recently, I have begun to see some of the returns on a few. It's a good feeling to the body, mind and soul. Keep Shining Bright.

I'm with you about just being a decent person. One way that I handle the matter of people insisting on giving me money for such a deed, is to ask them to take the money that they wanted to give to me.... then DOUBLE IT and put it in the basket at church the next Sunday......