Just Did It

im alone right now and i gotta poop, i already feel it poking out i dont even have to push for it. i thinks it's gonna be a hard one i gotta pee to but i dont wanna do that right now.... ohhh its coming out, damn had to stop it... i was about to pee to. i put down some towels and a platic bag.... it's coming out again. DAMN IT ******* PEOPLE CALLING!!

alright now i can get back to it -__- mmmit's comingohhhhh mmm it feels so good. its pushing my pants down to. i got one log out. i know theres more... looks like imma have to pee to.... just let back in the chair...one sqiurt. now another. ooohh so warm... i dont evenn wanna hold it feels so good

lol thought my grandma was home shes not ohhhh all the pee i got right now, it was pooling up there so much now i gotta was the pillows ;)

hope you guys enjoy this i did ^^
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4 Responses Sep 23, 2012

sounds like you are having fun hun x

That was awesome

sounds fantastic!

I enjoyed, nearly so much as you! :-)