Peed And Pooped Snow Pants

It snowed yesterday - quite a great beginning to December!
My cousin Jen called and said she was taking her daughter Katie out sledding and asked if I wanted to come along. It sounded like fun, so I agreed. After I talked to Jen, I changed out of my wet Pull-Up and into some dry and clean underwear, my snow pants, and other warm clothes for playing in the snow.

We had a BLAST playing outside! About 30 minutes after we'd gotten started, I needed to pee. I tried to hold it, but then gave up thinking "Why not just pee my pants? It'll keep me warm!" and I was right! It felt sooooooo good to have hot pee flodding the inside of my snow pants.

When we got back to my apartment I invited Jen and Katie in for coffee and a snack. As we were going inside Katie said, "Look mom! I'm peeing and you can't even tell!" She stood in the doorway with her legs spread a bit, and we couldn't tell at all that she was peeing. I told Katie that I'd peed my snow pants earlier, too, and that before I changed I wanted to poop in them. While Jen and Katie changed into clean, dry clothes, I pooped my snow pants while I made coffee and hot cocoa.
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3 Responses Dec 2, 2012

Enjoy your poop?


Thanks for your story! I love pooping in my snow pants :)

What color of your snow pants are? At once when I was at department store, I pooped in my snow pants. While I was pooping, I peed a little in my pants on accident. When I felt pee running down my legs, I be scared that pee wetting my blue snow pants and it will to show outside of snow pants. I was surprised that outside of my snow pants stayed dry and when smell of poop was light so it not exciting so much any more :)

So yes, pee not always show outside of snow pants :)

Peeing in snow pants is very fun and invisible most times! However I love peeing while wearing long underwear more, Its holds so much before it drips and stays warm and close to the body.

Sounds nice! Have you tried peeing in Pull-Ups or diapers of any kind? It stays VERY nice and warm!

I havent, I have nothing against it, but its not something Ive ever really been into or considered. It sounds nice though, and it seems you enjoy it quite often!

Me too