Pee And Poop... Just A Bit...

No real oppertunity today to mess myself or wet myself, how I really like, I.E., totally, as lodger is working from home.
So I do what I often do, and partially wet and partially mess myself.

I've got several pairs of male pants, I keep for doing this in, and this mornign I got the pair that I've used for several days already; They're really pee stained, and have a lot of mess in the back, stuck too and in the matterial; This means they're already nicely smelling, and part way to being messed.

Each time I go to pee, I let as much as I can dribble into the pants; I've a female 'pad', with 'wings', sitting in the front, so I can be a little more generous than othewise I would be, but it still useually soaks through that and into the pants themsvels; just hopefully not through and into my jeans.

Then, when I needed a poop, I wait and wait, until I'm pretty desperate to go, get into the bathroom and take my trousers down.

Then I kind of start pooping, with the pants still on, until I can feel it starting to poke into the pants matterial; I try stop myself pooping then, which I can useually* do for a little while, and then use the pants matterial, to 'pinch' off that which has already come out.

Then I drop my pants and poop on the toilet, but of course don't whipe afterwards, and try to leave a decent amount there, to add to waht I've already let go into my pants.

It isn't enough to strongly smell outside of my clothes, so I can happily walk about the house, and have the joy of feeling my pants being squishy; It does tend to 'soil' the jeans a bit on the inside, but I'm always wearing a anchient old jeans anyhow, when I'm just in the house, so they're really just for soiling and using when doing DIY/housework so the mess or stains on them don't matter.

And, so I can sit here, at the PC; feeling really quite wet at teh front, despite not having entirely soaked myself, and I can feel the **** all over my *** where I've smeared it, and where it is stuck to the inside of my pants.... Excuss me whilst I jiggle about a bit and squish in it some more....

Hope everyone else is having a nice messy, and/or wet day...
eusarian eusarian
31-35, M
Jan 18, 2013