Poopy Bed

wen I was 9 i had alwase had a bed weting problem but my mom never put me in diapers so id simply wet the bed every night and wet my pants in the day but she still didn't get diapers. one day wen i was in bed already wet I woke up to a pudle of pee and I felt like I had to poop so not caring I was already wet I let it out in my pants on the bed and went back to sleep the next morning wen my mom came in she saw the mes and was shocked so I tolde her it came out wen I was sleeping from then on I still poop and pee my pants in the day and at night exceped this time its in a diaper and I sleep in a krib my mom tolde me if I was going to poop the bed she was going to make a reason I coldn't nake it to the toilet so she bot me a krib to sleep in.

bigd123 bigd123
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 23, 2010

R u 4 real? I am just wondering? I mean it's ok, with me but, r u really 4 real? just asking?