Peeing On the Bus

Between my junior and senior years in HS I visited a friend about 250 miles away.  I took the bus.  On the way home I left his town about 9:00PM and arrived in mine at 3:00 AM.  I fell alseep on the way and awoke very in need of the bathroom.  There was none on the bus.  I kept waiting for a stop but none came along.  I wet my pants and the seat a fair amount.  I was so humiliated, but I was also turned on.  I liked it but I was horrified that I would be seen by someone.  The bus was dark, so I got my brief case from the overhead and put it on my lap and covered myself.  The bus stopped soon, but I didn't dare get up to get off.  I sat there, and eventually I had to go again.  I wet myself again, this time a huge amount.  The bus reached home about the time I needed to go yet again.  I waited and left last of all, since it was the end of the line.  I got out and picked up my suitcase and dashed into an alley and changed.  I called a taxi to go home.  I don't think anyone saw me.  It was embarresing but very sexy. 

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1 Response Jul 10, 2008

Funny story, lucky you had an alley to run in to