Hotel Room

so i just finished travelling and 4 my last night a really guy who i been spending alot of time with...who i have secretly fallen for bt thats another story... decided to treat us to a night in a 5 star hotel (beats hostels) we ended up having an amazing time ;) if you kno wat i mean...i dont rle share my wetting/pooping fetish with ne1 esp as this was our first real alone time moment... so it was good 'clean' fun....but neway im getting off the point.

we eneded up raiding the mini bar and both of us got exceptionally drunk and we crashed out at like 3am after a long drunk session...neway i woke up in the morning and cringed i had peed the bed luckly we were both on different sides and he was still asleep, i layed there in my pee slighly turned on bt at the same time panicing...i didnt want him to think...'omg wat a child peeing the bed and not gettin up to use the toilet' like most blokes think of my fetish (the very few that know) at that moment he rolled over and came to give me a cuddle...i jumped towards him so he didnt have to see the wet at that moment i realised i had jumped in to another one i gave him a cuddle and just assumed i had peed alot..panicing a bit he suddenly said 'omg' heart sank and i rle didnt want to be there he looked at me...'you wet the bed too?'...phew the other patch was his i just said yes..trying not to get to excited that he may be a avid wetter too! we snuggled up 4 a bit i think he was thinking the same..and then he just bit the bullet saying 'ahh **** it you can think im i think its really hot you wet the bed last night' i looked at him my heart pounding and i just sed 'well to be honest same back at you' we sorta staired at each other blankly not saying a word he then he turned round rung down stairs and extened our check out time...needing a pee i just sorta said well i need a pee now...he asked me to put some knickers on and he wanted me to wet them...being an avid wetter i obiged fullly...and the rest is history really didnt get out of the hotel till 5 that eve feeling exceptionally sorry for the maid who had to clean our room ;)
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lol cute, good luck

Lucky guy. I would love to wake up next to you and we could wet the bed some more.

2 people 1 soaked bed nice story. por maid,she must have had a nice time cleaning that bed.haha.well lets just say you''left your mark'' haha

hehe a real nice story! thanks for sharing =)... more of 'em pleeeze ;)...<br />
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