Early Morning Deliberate Bedwetting

I'm not going to work today because I had enough this week! I don't know if it was stress or what but I only got like three hours of sleep last night. Sometimes I can still manage a day with three hours of sleep but not today. So I'm calling in sick sometime in the next couple hours. 

I already know what lie to go with when I call it. Well even though I am lying about being sick I still could not go to work today. I'm to tired. 

So it's quite early right now, and when I was naughty it was even earlier. In the early AM hours I discovered that I was not going to get much more sleep. I tried for an other hour or two than I was like well I might as well get up and try to wake up. I got up went into the bathroom to get a drink I was thirsty and my mouth was kind of dry. I was going to pee while I showed my usual morning routine. Well often I just use the toilet and pee more in the shower if I need to. Not really for a sexy reason or anything it's just something I have been doing all my life. 

But instead of getting in the shower or peeing on the toilet I took my drink from the tap at the sink. Then I drank more!  I counted 25 mouth fulls or gulps. So I basically drank 3-4 times as much as I needed to satisfy my thirst. And then since I was tired anyhow and did want to lay down. The reason for the shower was mainly to help wake me up. I went back into my bedroom and laid down in my fairly new mattress. And I told myself even though you have to pee you can't go for at least 25 minutes Sarah! Because you need to wait for the newly drank water to kick in on top of your early morning bladder urine. 

I don't think I feel back to sleep but I was tried and I laid there for about 50 minutes, I checked the clock every now and than. Sooner or later I was both happy with what time it was and REALLY had to pee. I was already relaxing my bladder before this hoping that I would wet more freely but that rarely happens and this was no exception. So when I checked the clock and it was 50 minutes after returning to bed I was like **** it! I'm going to **** my bed now. 

This is the first time I wet since getting a new mattress. I was laying on my belly completely naked hours before the sun would even attempt to rise. This was one of my earliest wetting in my whole life. Perhaps my earliest to date even when I purposely wet hotel beds I usually end up doing it later in the morning. 

I relaxed my bladder and pushed slowly until pee out, I tried to push as soft as possible and it worked for a bit. My urine almost rolled out of me at a calm and slow pace I could hardly tell I was peeing because the pressure on my bladder was not really being reduced at all yet. Only the familiar warmth and wetness around my crotch and slowly spreading to my left knee and than lower belly. Finally I had to push a little harder and I felt the stream hitting the mattress and spreading out more urine under me. It was really warm but I was already really warm so it did not really feel as wet and unusual as you would think. The warmth all stealthed together in a large soaking wet patch on my mattress. I could not see anything nor did I try to look. I still had my head rested on my pillow with my arms and hands wrapped around the blanket that was up to my shoulders. And I laid there like a naughty kid... or more so in my case a naughty young teen because I started most of this in my early teen years. 

So I felt like a naughty teenager ******* my bed so on purpose like this. Heck I was in the bathroom 50 minutes ago and not only did I avoid peeing in the toilet or shower, I drank more water so I could add even more **** into my bed and mattress and enjoy a longer wetting session.

The funny part is it was to early and I was to tired I knew I was not even going to ********** after. At least not right away! That does not make it any less enjoyable or sexy or hot... heck I was ******* all over in an unprotected bed! I was getting very horny but I was still tired and it was early. I was planning step 02 even when I was laying in bed peeing. I was like I need to get up after this. Have a shower... look at **** and stuff on the Internet. Maybe go grab a cup and drink some pee. 

Which I did! But I will get to that in just a moment. 

While wetting in bed at no point was there really any hissing. Near the end I had to grunt a little and push a tiny bit harder then I wish I had to. And I let out a normal pace stream of urine for a couple seconds and then finished the rest of my pee at a slower but still fairly satisfying rate.  Even when I got near what I would call the end of my wetting. I still peed enough to soak the bed twice over.  I peed a lot! And there were minutes at a time were I did not pee at all and just relaxed. I put my head under the blanket to smell my pee and I could not for some reason. My nose is sometimes dried out and blocked a little in the morning. And my sense of smell is not to special. And I am used to the smell of pee. 

About 5 minutes later I did smell it even though the sheets as I woke up more and let out more pee. When I was empty I kind of switched sides I was laying on. It was so warm all around that at times the mattress felt dry. I laid there for about 23 minutes still focusing and peeing out drops or quick small streams here or there as more pee came to my bladder. But I was empty... 

I became more and more awake and soon I felt like I needed to leave my bed. I got up grabbed my video camera to record the wet patch. Well first I turned on my bedroom light. The light hurt my eyes for a bit and than I was able to film my bed. Most of the sheets were fairly dry the wetting happened under me and I was naked and laying on my belly with all the sheets over me or kicked to the side. But the wet patch on the bed was about four basket balls in size.

Since I stood up I guess I felt a need to pee and it was one of those needs to pee that just come out of no were. You can tell it's only a small amount but sense I just laid so calmly and free of any care and soaked my bed my bladder was used to just letting pee out. So it hurt to hold this pee back. I could easily manage it but still I knew I needed to pee a little soon. I was going to just let it out and roll down my legs standing over the carpet but it happened while I had my camera in my hand recording. So I leaned forward. Put a leg up of my bed and filmed myself peeing onto the wet patch. I only peed a little it felt really good though.

Then I stopped recording and started to clean up. Showed and everything else. 

Just recently I returned to my PC.  Downloaded the most recent version of Second Life Viewer. Browsed some naughty and adult areas in the game and checked up on new things.  After my shower I drank a ton of water from a cup in the kitchen and brought the cup with me to re-fill with my bladder when the urge arrived. 

About 15 minutes into playing and browsing around in game I stood up at my computer and filled the cup.  It filled halfway and being that it's a VERY large cup there was a lot of pee. Even though it was diluted a fair amount it was still strong tasting and I could only drink like half a mouth full.  However I am getting really worked up now. When I submit this post I'm going to empty the rest of my bladder into the cup. I have a water bottle near by also because the cup won't hold the rest on it's own. I will ignore the bottle but I'm going to sip a little from the cup.  And dip my fingers in it a lot! And ********** with my own urine. Finger some of it inside my *****. And I'm going to hopefully have an amazing ******. 

In about an hour I need to call work. Maybe I should tell them the truth?  I can't come to work because I did not get enough sleep, I drank a lot of water, peed all over in my bed on purpose. Then went on a naughty online video game and  experience sharing website and shared about drinking my own **** and then I *********** in my own cooled pee from a large cup!  And I even purposely tried my best to finger myself with pissy fingers.  lol
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Visualising you laying in a **** sodden bed is tempting us to drink loads more and get to bed and wait for our **** fountains to erupt. If one of us pees the bed 'accidenally'they are 'punished ' by the other showering them with their hot ****. It usually ends up as a race to see who ****** first !

I agree that peeing a protected bed isn't really peeing a bed at all. Let the mattrass get it full on! Watch the pee stains grow! And it feels a lot naughtier too. I tried wetting the bed with plastic sheets, but I hated it. Not proper bedwetting.

Would love to see the footage you shot during this experience. I love watching other people's pissy wet habits at home. I'm off work this week, so I might get the chance to film pissy wet action in my home.

Please continue with the bedwetting. Perhaps online bedwetting games would be fun.

Don't worry I won't stop bed wetting. In fact Sunday morning I kind of wet my bed. But there is more to it than just that. Yes it involves diapers. Will be sharing about that soon I hope.

That's because it isn't the l specifically the bed wetting you like. It's the forbidden aspect. Doing something you're not supposed to.

I DO like the bed wetting. What makes you think I don't? Are you sure you replied to the right post?

Wow, you finally did it! Another very enjoyable read!!

This is so perfectly written :) How's the cleaning going??...Or have you decided to just leave your first pee into the newer mattress, there to reminisce over the sexy stale odor each time you get back into bed? Now you get to start hiding the smell from your boyfriend again lol! Have fun with that part :D

I cleaned it to almost the best of my ability. I should try to get this mattress to last. And speaking of my boyfriend there is a chance come 3-9 months from now a lot of things can change in my life. As things are now it would be a hindrance in our lives to move in together. Nothing to do with my activities however there is talk of us getting a place together or him moving in with me in the future.

But I won't discuss anything about this matter. There are some personal things for all of us to work out. And definatly with me. I have secrets as we all know. Also I have other secrets even things not related to what I discuss here. They are not the worlds most renouned secrets but lets just say I need my privacy.

I can still hide my **** and other things on my computer. Were never the type that demands that we have access to each others private life, email and personal computers etc. But living together is going to change things.

But nothing is set is stone yet. For starters we kind of want to get a new place if we are to move in together. Which is both good and bad for many reasons. But it does give me a lot of time to think things though because he knows I'm not willing to leave here for like close to a year probably.

That is a very tough decision, I know. I've had to do it myself...More than once, in fact. I've done for a couple of different girlfriends, as well as when I moved back in with family for a year and a half. Now I'm doing the same with having a roommate. Anyhow, in all cases, I was/am still able to have some amount of pee and scat fun, however extremely limited. For example, the first girl I moved in with, I was only able to have messy games in the bathtub, when I knew she wouldn't be home for a least a few hours. It's pretty simple to clean and air out a bathroom effectively, in that time frame. Obviously, using the bed for any messy activity was impossible. Even messing clothing was not something I could really take a chance with, unless it was an article of clothing I was planning on tossing directly afterward.

I'd accept that call!

KNOWING you I bet you would look up my address in the employee files and come over! And either knock on the door or try to spy on me!

That's funny! lol! Sarah, we all want to spy on you, cos you're amazingly sexy!!...And cos you keep us lusting after you by teasing us with lovely stories, but no pics or videos! :D Love ya anyway!

Excellent story, thanks.
You would be a brave person indeed to ring work and tell them the truth! You could tell them you are not feeling well and that you wet the bed in the night (like it's something to do with being ill)

Yes that would be really brave. But I don't know if this is common sense in relation to me. But everyone should know that bravery aside I would be turned off and upset if I ever told anyone that I wet the bed. Even as an illness or sick etc. I don't get off or have any interesting in sharing details like that to anyone at my work for any reason. lol

I guess the only person I would ever be interested in sharing anything like this would be my boyfriend. Or people online... lol And I am to scared to share it with my boyfriend.

It's hard to share things like this - I'm scared to share with my wife.
I've been wondering, doesn't all this bedwetting make your place smell of pee? No matter how well you clean it up? And if so, doesn't your boyfriend (or other visitors) notice?